Thursday, December 22, 2011

H&M’s Dragon Tattoo Launch

I recently attended an event that I found out from the F-list which apparently according to many of my friends was not a publicly advertised event. I shared it with the ‘Fashion Tribe’ and most of us ended up going. It’s been a while since we have all seen each other - half of us are still in school which puts constraints on certain months. But, I had one more exam after the event and I had promised myself I would go because the stress of finals was killing me slowly on the inside. I’m glad I did - H&M provided free finger foods (the mini slider hamburgers were a piece of heaven) and free alcohol. We also looked at the clothes (not shown because the pictures turned out terrible with the crowding). Click below for pictures of the fun. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shopping Like a French Girl - Part 1

Picture from Kelani Fabric

The way to shop…

If she can’t afford it, she won’t buy it. If it doesn’t fit (or make her feel good, or flaunt what she’s got), she won’t wear it. If she can’t find it, she won’t compromise. If she loves it, she won’t toss it. She reuses it, rethinks it, lets it age.When a French girl shops, it isn’t a solitary act of buying something new. It’s part of a lifelong process of editing her environment, making small but meaningful additions to her home, her closet, her life.When you shop like a French girl, you buy only one of anything – and make sure it’s the best quality you can afford.- from Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl

Right now, I am having one of those moments where I wished I shopped more like a French Girl. 

I just splurged again on a dress, leg warmers, a new leather belt, and some socks. Sometimes, it feels like I am on a constant quest to: A) Obtain the biggest closet in the world or B) Dance around the edge of debt or C) Fill a void deep within me. When I get really overwhelmed I shop. When I feel down I shop. When I am happy I shop more… It’s a vicious cycle. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Neat Freaking It, City of Craft, and Other Art Show Wanderings!

My 'natural parts’ supplies that include pieces of once living things mostly.

My small doily collection, with hand crochet flowers by my mom, and vintage lace applique.

HALF of my cream and white lace collection. These are the more expensive pieces from Mokuba
a lace trim place that I simply adore and spend way too much money at. Sorry, pocketbook!

I have been on holidays for the past week and whenever I have the opportunity I love to live a little. I don’t like the routine of non-spontanepus actions so this entails the setting of impossibly high standards, crazy dates, projects, and parties. Usually, being a person of whim I only get around half of the things I want done.

For example, I have been procrastinating with my bird skull clutch. I look at the pattern and I feel like it just may need more tweaking. I’m hoping I’ll have the guts to really face my fears and just do it sometime this week before I am worked to death at the part time job. 

One thing that I have done is sort all my supplies into boxes and sections as you can see above. While, this is only 10% of my total supply hoard I am very proud that I sorted everything out. I have this habit of thinking I know where everything is but…it usually results in me spending a lot more then I should and having doubles of certain supplies.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birds of Prey Photo Shoot with Dandy Boy - my Men’s taxidermy accessories line!

Art Direction and Model - Wesley Burness
Photography - Naomi Peters
Wearing: Dandy Boy - Sparrow Skull Cuff Link

Art Direction and Model - Wesley Burness
Photography - Naomi Peters
Wearing: Dandy Boy - Dual Chain Bird Skull Necklace

Right now, I am consumed by total fear of really messing up on the first final I did. I just finished everything but I’m just petrified of the first one I did because I really should have NEVER set a foot into the room to do that exam. I spent those excruciating 3 hours fighting my body because I felt so sick. Which, most likely resulted in really sub-par essay skills. So upsetting!

However, one to better things in life. My friend, Wesley Burness who studies Fashion Communication at Ryerson University borrowed a few of my Dandy Boy pieces for a photo shoot assignment. Posted here are some of the results and my most favourite. I never told him what I wanted and he had complete creative freedom with his assignment but the first two pictures that used my pieces WERE EXACTLY HOW I WOULD PHOTOGRAPH THEM HAD I THE SKILL. The dreamy nostalgia, the slight play on androgyny, the black, the natural light, the brands… I was so surprised it was so spot on to what I liked. 

As you can see I have (if you do not follow my TWITTER and FACEBOOK then you are missing out on what I have) been secretly working on my other aesthetic. A mixture of androgyny, chains, death, leather, and natural history. It’s for Men and Women and I’d like to somehow make it more interchangeable then what I normally do. I’m definitely drifting away from what normal taxidermy jewelry would look like. I’m currently working on a clutch, too! Keep you guys updated.

What do you guys think? He’s goregeous - right? Any feedback on the photo shoot?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some travel and a new headpiece

I couldn’t resist buying a toadstool decoration and a Yellow Owl Workshop Ink Pad (which I recommend highly because it sets pretty fast and doesn’t smudge under the fingertips).

I recently had a chance to visit the Wellington County which covers Kitchener, Waterloo, Elora, and St. Jacobs of Ontario - the province I lived it. It was quite a dreary day but it was well worth the trip to see a scenery that makes a City Girl with a Wild Heart like myself feel so wholesome. I would like to thank my friend, D. for taking me. I love learning about the countryside outside of my Metropolitan city of Toronto. There were such quaint little stores in Elora and St. Jacobs that were so pretty. So many unique things I wanted to buy! Including this 3D leather acorn coin holder-pouch which was well beyond my budget but I found it online at a much more affordable price.

New Headpiece


Lately, I have been inspired to make some new pieces. I’m really loving patterned feathers and flowers. Evident in my latest work I’m striving to meld bohemian with romance as themes. Texture and softness. Airy to earthy. 

What do you guys think? Would you wear it?

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Collection and Pictures from Everyday Life

Here’s a picture what my workspace / studio looks like when I am actually working on things. I have a talent for working within chaos and finding order within it. It’s quite evident in many of the things I make or do. From afar it will look like a cluster but when you look closer it has a kind of balance or order. Very few notice it - but when they do I am very impressed.

Here are some of my latest pieces. I have yet to add to Etsy but they will most likely be going to stores instead. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’ve really liked carved bone pieces. Especially cooky fish with really funny expressions. :) I’ve also found a way to use the silk and rayon tassel samples I bought from the Textile Museum Fabric Sale. This makes me happy and I hope it diminishes my hoard a bit.

Here are some of my latest works. I’m a total romantic bohemian at heart. Sometimes I feel more bohemian then usual. I think recently, it has really been a reoccurring theme in my life. To me, it’s just the essence of free-spirit. My latest pieces are inspired by islands, windswept beaches, sun-bleached fabrics, summer, salt, natural colors and just being free.

At the same time. My style has slowly gone towards the Hipster fashion for the Winter. Trust me, by no means am I a Hipster. I only identify with the fashion itself but not the subculture. I’ve also begun experiment with strange colors and different silhouettes. I bought green oxfords. Haha. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween: Fetish Masquerade Ball

I had the opportunity to be invited to the Fetish Masquerade Ball by my friend, Veruca Cyn, who put me on the VIP list. It has always been something I had wanted to attend but never found the right crowd to go with or had the time. But, this year is different. It was wild and I loved it. Veruca was modelling for a fetish designer, Heather D. and she was absolutely breathtaking on stage dancing in her little nurse outfit. Hahahaha. With her huuuuuugggeee red hair all dolled up. 

There was a feeling I got when I removed my coat and checked it in…and walked into a wildly dressed crowd not knowing anyone or what I was getting into. It made a shiver go up my spine. I felt…different. I felt like somehow I belonged - so small dark part of me just belonged here.

Short story, I got really drunk off gin mixed with juice. Made new friends, saw a lot of half naked people, some wild folk, danced for the first time in my LIFE on STAGE. I’m a very reserved person by nature and I in part blame my rather sheltered upbringing. However, everything I was ever afraid to do comes apart under two influences: Peer Pressure and Alcohol. Hahaha!

I have defied all odds this year so far. I left my business partner and I survived. I was able to do much better then we would have ever done together. I went out and got myself into stores. I saw new perspectives. Made new friends. Changed a complete crowd of people I hang out with. I balanced social life with full-time University, a part-time job, and my business. I danced. For god sake, I danced on stage. All I can say is life is awesome. I have another party to attend tonight and of course the wicked never sleep. 

I enclose pictures taken with my iPhone of my costume and Veruca and I at the event: 

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Stockist: Treehaven in Erin, Ontario and PFF ‘Fashion Tribe’ at Nuit Blanche in Toronto

Mehreen, Veruca, Melodie, Me, and Ranu = "Portion of Fashion Tribe"

I have really been neglecting my website / blog, lately. I have been so swamped with school, life, business, work, and other things that have slipped my mind lately. I really need to start blogging about all the things that I have done recently. 

Most notably, I made got my things into another store (not consignment, thank god) called Treehaven Natural Foods up in Erin, Ontario. I’m a City Girl so it was quite a feat and I have a lot of people to thank for it. Notably, K., D., A., A., and L. for giving me (a complete newbie) the opportunity to help stock some Christmas items at Treehaven. It was wonderful learning about the wildlife, small town life, the environment, and overall it was thoroughly inspiring. I’m touched by the generosity people have shown me and eternally grateful they put up with someone like me. I have never really done a large-scale wholesale and I think I was a complete mess because I had noooo clue they would buy much of my sample stock there and then. Hahaha. I’m still painting the "Thank You" cards. I made a small mistake with something so I’ll do my best to rectify the situation like I always do.  :) I’m so grateful right now.

I attended Nuit Blanche with my ‘Fashion Tribe’. Has anyone ever read Kelly Cutrone’s book: If you have to cry, Go outside? 

If you haven’t then let me explain to you what a ‘Fashion Tribe’ is. It’s a group of people you are linked to by profession, passion (for fashion), and who you solemnly swear to help out in a time of fashion-related need (haha). Fashion, I have been told over and over by my parents and some of my close friends is an ‘inane’ thing. Almost superficial. 

But, you know what? It’s where my heart lies. Quite frankly, it’s where THEIR hearts lie. We are a group who go to social events, hang out, and help each other out by creating a bigger network. As you can see this is a portion of my ‘Fashion Tribe’ and it keeps growing as I learn to navigate the networking waters. 

I’ll post more often as I finally get internet. I’ve been cut-off for several weeks now because I ended by Internet commitments with Rogers and Teksavvy is booked up in my rather newly constructed area. Expect a Taobao review, lots of pictures, some outfits, my new hair cut…etc. I’ll have a formal Nuit Blanche post up, too. I need to get all my pictures off all my devices and such. :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Heart Collective, New Ideas and a Farting Alpaca!

I really love having those moments in which inspiration just strikes you hard enough to wobble your brain. I had one of those moments at 5AM while reading my Ecological Economics textbooks for University. I kept thinking about Consumerism and how it was King -> Crown -> Death…viola! My latest inspiration and foray into more gothic aesthetic. See the picture above. Wouldn’t they be perfect for an ornate necklace or ring? :)

The Creative Heart Collective was pretty nifty. I table-shared with Morico buddies Chu and Cindy. It was nice to meet old familiar faces and new ones. Thank you everyone who came out to support me! I hope to participate at bigger venues next time around. 

I end this entry with my Farting Alpaca totebag from Chu of Morico. It’s a beautifully random bag of sorts…I’m not sure what draws me to it more. The fluffiness of the pictured Alpaca or the blissful expression on it’s face as it passes gas. Hahaha. Go figure. 

Currently, in woe over two pairs of green shoes (one vintage and another XXI) that have slipped from my grasps. Now, before classes I’m going to go looking for some green shoes to fill the void. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Goals and Plans for Quaintrella

I’m a very lucky girl.

I am immensely thankful for all the opportunities presented to me to pursue my dreams. I have always believed that I will get whatever I want if I work hard for it. So far this has proved to be quite apt. I’m thankful that I know at this moment who I am, what I truly want, what I am worth, how I am going to achieve it, and who will be there with me in the very end.

I’m keeping my eye out for potential store locations when I open my own boutique in hopefully a few years. I’d prefer a Queen Street storefront but there is a lot of potential and growth in some nearby neighbourhoods that are worth keeping an eye on (one reason why I fastidiously will stalk neighbourhood statistics).

I have to go to 3 stores in Northern Ontario in the latter of this month and introduce potential Christmas stock to the owners. Yesterday, I approached an local boutique about selling with them and I have a few more in mind to approach in the coming weeks.

I am also re-connecting with my German contact to see if I can begin selling my Taxidermy lines within the country despite the double-dip recession parts of Europe is experiencing. I expect France may come next if my friend there is comfortable approaching stores on my behalf. Japan seems a little more tricky - I already have a lot of friends willing to translate communications for me but it’s a matter or which boutiques to approach as I don’t have many friends IN the country right now. If all goes well by early 2012 I’ll most likely be accompanying a friend to Miami and New York - I’ll see if my aesthetic fits somewhere. :)

Wish me luck on the playing on the global market!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TIFF Party - John Varvatos Fashion Show at Ultra Supper Club

Part of a going through a 'Quarter-Life' crisis made me realize many things. 

One of them was that University does not prepare you for the real world. The real world is many things but most importantly it is a world full of social networks. I'm not talking about Twitter, Facebook, MySpace...etc. But rather the social network of who you know and who they know. I want to pursue a career in the fashion industry but it's a industry full of contacts, acquaintances, friends, and who you can connect with. In order to get opportunities you have to network. 

In fashion one of the best ways to do this is to attend parties.

It just seemed like fate that a couple weeks before I was invited to a Holt Renfrew "You've been Coveteur'd" After Party hosted by a childhood acquaintance and former ELLE UK intern.  She invited me and then I invited a few people from my 'Passion for Fashion' workshop. I even bumped into my rather famous publicist instructor who mans the workshop. It is a different world - especially for someone as tame as myself. I like to say the only club I have been to is a book club. Hahaha. 

Two nights ago, I attended another party. This one was a TIFF Party - John Varvatos Fashion Show at Ultra Supper Club. I would like to thank my new publicist-in-trainng friend, Ranu, for telling us about this party. I'm determined to cross the boundaries of just 'fashion' based networking since I believe fashion is a lot more then clothes. I brought some friends from outside the industry and thank god my friend, Veruca, brought a camera! Most of these pictures are from her camera. :) Thank you, Veruca! 

I highly recommend you visit her awesome fashion blog:

I wore my new dress I ordered off Taobao from the supplier of Japanese Gyaru brand, Snidel. It's gorgeous! I bought it in pink, too! I love Snidel because it combines my love of Mori aesthetic with a romantic and girly silhouette. I'll be writing a review about my first experiences using Taobaospree and ordering from direct suppliers. 

Me, Antonio, and Veruca. You can tell we both do distinctly Asian poses and expressions.

Me and Ranu. She wearing such an aweeeesssooomeee shirt - the collar is so unique.

Taken from my iPhone. Me and Veruca.

Me and my close friend, Em. I'm holding a John Frieda swag bag - this seems to be the norm at big fashion parties. Ah, I have such a fatty face. I love Em's swanky pose. :)

Group photo of half of the people that came. We are missing the 4 other people. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye, Quarter-life Crisis!

For the longest time I whined about a life change. More like a quarter-life crisis. Haha.

Things weren't looking so good on so many levels. Friendships deteriorated, I felt bitter, lost, my emotions were a train wreck, and I felt that everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong. But, after so much introverted hermiting I rejuvenated my social juices and decided to take the plunge despite my rather hectic scheduling at work. I have always firmly believed you make your own life and only you can change it. Only if you have the guts to that is. Your own happiness is in your hands.

We, as humans are a creature of habit. We constantly believe in a routine and sometimes we are so set in it that it's so hard to change. We hold grudges. We let petty people live in our heads who have nothing better to do. We dwell on things that hold us back never taking that step forward. We don't take risks.

I'm happy to say that my life change has arrived. I took the advice of a friend and attended this fashion workshop locally called Passion for Fashion. It has changed my life. Despite being in Environmental Studies fashion has always been my passion. Creating things is my passion. I feel at peace and happy because this is my calling. It's amazing how small the world is. Knowing people who know people you know. Things aren't so scary when you know that. I have a new circle of friends who aspire for the same thing as me. The most amazing thing being that these people have vastly different educational backgrounds just like me but they are still following their dreams. How inspiring. I am going to go further - just signed on a burlesque production and will be sitting in with at a high fashion photoshoot next week. Can't wait! Goodbye, quarter-life crisis.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Stockist: HELLS BELLES and Late Summer ~ Early Autumn Items

As of August 9th I have added a new Stockist for my items. You can now find my items at Hells Belles at Queen Street West and Spadina. They are one of the longest running Goth stores in Toronto and it is an honor to work and sell with them!

They will specifically carry my Men's Accessory line, Dandy Boy. So far, this includes black and white bird skull cuff links, corded necklaces, and lapel pins. I have juuuuust found adjustable Men's ring bases so expect those to be stocked in a few more weeks. They also carry my Women's taxidermy line with white and black bird skull necklaces and adjustable rings.

Please, check them out if you are are passing by Toronto! You will not be disappointed! :)

These are some new hair slides I made. Some will most likely be available online but I'm not too sure as of yet. They'll be making their debut appearance at my first ever craft show (The Creative Heart Collective) at The Gladstone Hotel - September 18th. If they sell well, I'll be making more in the coming months but as of now they are test products. I think they are unbelievably adorable.

These are the Dandy Boy bird skull necklaces for Men. I thought that fine chain would be too delicate and opted for some waxed cotton cord instead. I could see a guy wearing this quite nicely!

Here's what the packaged goods of what I dropped off to Hells Belles look like. 13 items in total and notice how the Men's items have pure white tags and Women's items have vintage colored tags.

Here's some Mori Girl items I made. Lace bow barrettes in three color ways: Tea-stained, Ecru, and Cream. Gorgeous and they come with not pictured pearl and charm dangles! Perfect for keeping hair out of your face when the autumn winds blow.

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at my new Autumn line under, Ofelia Ljuv. Very foresty and Mori Girl. The charms are motifs in nature that I hold dear to my heart: mushrooms, squirrels, acorns, and leaves. I will be selling them in sets at a promotional price and loose pieces. They'll be on my ETSY this coming week as will so many of my other items!

Don't forget to LIKE my QUAINTRELLA Facebook Page (tab on side) for a chance to win a surprise item in my GIVEAWAY when I reach 100 Fans! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pictures and Purchases!

It's actually my Birthday today! But, I have had a stomach bug for the past few days. It's been a little too long to be food poisoning. I had big plans to go to Centre Island and fulfill my childhood dream of riding 4 person bike and canoeing. But, it's raining as I type! :( I also wanted to go out for a massive sushi dinner - but, it's ruined by my stomach problem. So sad! :/

But, I managed to finish all the sample products for my Men's accessory line called, Dandy! :) I have a meeting with a popular Goth store on Queen Street West this Tuesday with the Owner and Buyer. My only concern is that I will desperately need to break my supply binge for the month of August because I need more black bird skulls. I need enough for more cuff links and necklaces. I also ran out of silver chains prematurely. I really under estimated just how much coverage I would need to cover two consignments and a craft show in September.

I'm actually going to be at the Creative Heart Collective Craft Show at The Gladstone Hotel September 18th. If you are in Toronto, please, feel free to drop by and chat! :)

I have also finished a new range of items which include hair slides and teeny brooches. It'll be posted in my next post! I promise. I will also begin updating my Etsy like mad in the coming days. I know I have been posting a lot of products but never listing. Sorry! I promise to get to it soon! I'll post my complete Men's Collection soon. :)

I have always been really bad at styling my hair. Haha. But, now that I am growing it I have decided to try my hand at braiding. Not bad. I added my H&M flower headband for a Mori and Natural-Kei touch. I'll be updating more outfit posts, too!

My mom made me a Toadstool hat one Christmas. I love it to death and it looks great with braids!

My new apartment is close to so many vintage stores. One notable one is, I Miss You which specializes in 1980's-1970's and under high end vintage. I found this gorgeous leather bag for a mere $25 and it fits my iPad 2! :D

Another vintage store I would recommend is called CTS which is a short form for Canadian Thrift Stores. Their tiered pricing system actually makes things more at a thrifty value then a market value. Many vintage stores in Toronto price their items based on trends and market value. CTS defies this - I got this skirt for $12.99. It's a dropped waist with pintucks, clung lace, ruffles, and cream cotton. It's absolutely perfect for Mori Girl.

So, has anyone made any recent VINTAGE purchases? If so, what? I'd love to see your stuff!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Death & Sneak peek of New July Product!

It's been a tough week. I just attended my first open casket Wake yesterday. One of my closest friend's mother died a couple days ago. It was all so sudden. :'( I bawled when I heard she had a few months to live and then a couple days later she passed. I cried a lot over it. I didn't breakdown at the Wake which was a slight relief. Nothing worst then being the loud catalyst of grief - when I cry I get pathetically loud and clogged. My heart and prayers go out to my friend's family. Especially my friend who has been nothing less then precious and to this day remains one of my most steadfast buddies. I love you, A.

That aside, been busy working on new designs! I have also expanded into Men's accessories. Lots of Mori Girl + Mori Boy / Dolly Boy items. Dolly Kei headpiece. Natural Kei + Fur Puffs and Tails are back after so many personal requests! Here's a few quick low quality pictures of my items until I get them photographed nicely. :) Enjoy!

As always, comments are welcome and I don't mind constructive criticism at all. :)

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Revamp + TNK Restock + New Hairbow!

I have been sick all Saturday. To the point I had to call in sick for the first time in months since this year. It seems like I have either given myself food poisoning (seeing as I am quite clumsy) or had a 24 hour stomach bug that some people at work currently have. Either way, the images of microbes dancing across my vision right now is revolting.

I added a button on the side called ‘Appify’ which will be my reviews, commentary, and such about Apple products, apps, and information for fellow Creatives and Creative Lifesytles-Businesses. I will refrain from random posting only to specifically target the Creative and Business niche. I begin my first iPad App review this Monday on Wacom-developed, Bamboo Paper. I’ll be attending the Toronto Apple Expo July 12th - reporting from a Creative perspective.

I restocked my items at Tomorrow Never Knows - a vintage and handmade store curated by the lovely, Eva Bowering. You will find more fascinators, lace applique necklaces (gold and silver chains) and taxidermy jewelry (rings and necklaces in gold and silver chains).

If you are in Toronto I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit her store and Ransack the Universe which are in the same building. Both carry my items and some of my mom’s items!

Despite the pain I told myself I had to be productive. I spent most of the day doing the moooost Photoshop in my life. Maybe, just maybe I might be getting the hang of Photoshop finally. I totally revamped the blog! LOOK! Isn’t it more beautiful and simple? :)

I also got a mailing list service up, set up my blog pages (upper navigation bar), made new earrings, and sewed some lace bow barrettes. I also have a new listing for up for Amigurumi Pea Pods by my mom on Etsy. I need better pictures of everything - so expect that all to be done by the next few weeks. :)

The lace bow barrette (seen in picture above) has been stocked at Tomorrow Never Knows and my Etsy for $20 CDN. I am in the process of making them in three colors: ecru, cream (pictured) and tea-stained (in progress).

Thoughts? Love it? Need it?

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Mori Girl, Cult Party Kei, and Dolly Kei pieces

Just a brief picture update of what I have been working on for my mostly finished June Ofelia Ljuv Collection.

Lots of headbands and necklaces with pastel tones mixed with neutrals. I have begun making more pendant brooch-necklaces on a smaller scale which will be priced lower then my current pieces. What do you think? Love them or hate them? I'm totally open to comments and suggestions!