Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Goals and Plans for Quaintrella

I’m a very lucky girl.

I am immensely thankful for all the opportunities presented to me to pursue my dreams. I have always believed that I will get whatever I want if I work hard for it. So far this has proved to be quite apt. I’m thankful that I know at this moment who I am, what I truly want, what I am worth, how I am going to achieve it, and who will be there with me in the very end.

I’m keeping my eye out for potential store locations when I open my own boutique in hopefully a few years. I’d prefer a Queen Street storefront but there is a lot of potential and growth in some nearby neighbourhoods that are worth keeping an eye on (one reason why I fastidiously will stalk neighbourhood statistics).

I have to go to 3 stores in Northern Ontario in the latter of this month and introduce potential Christmas stock to the owners. Yesterday, I approached an local boutique about selling with them and I have a few more in mind to approach in the coming weeks.

I am also re-connecting with my German contact to see if I can begin selling my Taxidermy lines within the country despite the double-dip recession parts of Europe is experiencing. I expect France may come next if my friend there is comfortable approaching stores on my behalf. Japan seems a little more tricky - I already have a lot of friends willing to translate communications for me but it’s a matter or which boutiques to approach as I don’t have many friends IN the country right now. If all goes well by early 2012 I’ll most likely be accompanying a friend to Miami and New York - I’ll see if my aesthetic fits somewhere. :)

Wish me luck on the playing on the global market!


Kairii Chan said...

You got great stuff so good luck with your dream!!

Sonia said...

Thanks, Kairii!