Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mori Girl Secret Santa, Fabric Purchased, and Gifts!

Handmade Lace Cellphone Lanyard, Le Petit Pig Pin, Handmade Crochet Earrings, and Handmade Convertible Bambi Brooch / Necklace.


My Mori Girl Secret Santa presents were mostly handmade. I hope the girl who I mailed them to loves them. :)

Recent fabric purchases:

One of my bff's presents to me. LOVE! Thanks, Em.

I picked up more pins by the Le Petit Pig designer. She met up with me by my house. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Le Petit Pig Pins + Consignment

Credit: From Le Petit Pig

I remember selling at the rather under-selling Bazaar of the Bizarre and being approached by a woman who owned a consignment shop in Toronto called Ransack the Universe. I had her card for ages in my purse and finally found it - coincidentally, the location also presided INSIDE a vintage store (69 Vintage Collective) I had wanted to visit for a LONG time. I met up with a local Lolita, Stacy - whose blog I've linked to for those interested - and she directed me to 69 Vintage Collective where the basement belonged to Ransack the Universe. I thought it was distinctly home-grown enough to sell my mom's small variety of amigurumi. But, I have to check out the list of top consignment stores to see what I am up against and who I can appeal to. Also, I saw these CUTE wooden pins. I just HAD to buy them because they reminded me of my bestfriends - Aya and Em. But, I wanted this cute mushroom headed pin for myself - I ended up contacting the local artist who produced them and I should be getting it by this week's end. :)

Em got Little Red Riding Hood (who actually reminds me of my old rag doll) and Aya I bought a 1" Apple Faced character but decided that the Strawberry Face (which is bigger) would be better for her. I got myself a Pine Tree Faced thing, too. Check her out! Her work is amazing and from Toronto.

Looking at these makes me really want to try stamp work because it's a lot less time intensive then most of the crafts I do. I've always wanted to print my own fabric and stamps look easier then silk-screening...

I also recently joined the Mori Girl Secret Santa on LJ. I'm so excited. 

Friday, December 10, 2010


I just spent a disgustingly long amount of time browsing through ETSY. I went from 2-3 pages of Favourites 16 pages. Which means in two hours I added an additional 260 items. Wow.

So far, I've held back from making any personal purchases. I'll make do with my current stash until Anime North comes around in a few months. I've already put away money for registration - and I am going to start looking into consignment around Toronto. I really want to get my mom's amigurumi stuff out there - but for a good price. I found it very hard to sell at the same craft fair twice in a year - I did okay in the first one - but the foot traffic is horrid. Meaning, it was only 100 potential customers.

I have to get out there more. Socialize. Connect. With. People. Of. My. Kind.

I'll be visiting many places Monday to explore options. Plus, I am going to be attending a Craft Swap affair on Thursday at Ransack the Universe. :D

Updating ETSY is hard work. It's time consuming and I am lucky to have a friend who's taken her time and energy to take pictures for me and edit them. Now, I have a fancy camera (an early Christmas gift) that weighs more then it should but takes awesome photos. Now, it'll be my job to do the picture taking. So far, I've had 4 sales via ETSY, 1 via LJ, 1 potential shopping service from Mokuba, and one local one. Totalling it 6 so far.

Unfortunately, I am not happy with the types of sales - they are small fish. But, it adds up. Tomorrow, it'll be the tedious process of gathering all the stock then packaging them for shipment. I had to up some prices on ETSY because I totally forgot that on top of the $0.20/ listing and the 3.5% of the sale ETSY takes there's the goddamn Paypal fees. I am confused how this whole thing totals but after looking at it all. It's a little depressing. Ick.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updated Etsy: Ofelia Ljuv and Noirette lines!


I just updated the Etsy. Brand new pretty furry things - when I wear my foxtail or puffs I use them for stress relief. You know that part in the movie "Get Him To The Greek" where rockstar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) tells Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) to "stroke the furry wall" because the multiple drug cocktail in that cigar he just smoked would make his heart speed up so fast he could die. That's how I get sometimes and it helps to have something to furry to stroke - even if it is dead.