Friday, October 7, 2011

New Stockist: Treehaven in Erin, Ontario and PFF ‘Fashion Tribe’ at Nuit Blanche in Toronto

Mehreen, Veruca, Melodie, Me, and Ranu = "Portion of Fashion Tribe"

I have really been neglecting my website / blog, lately. I have been so swamped with school, life, business, work, and other things that have slipped my mind lately. I really need to start blogging about all the things that I have done recently. 

Most notably, I made got my things into another store (not consignment, thank god) called Treehaven Natural Foods up in Erin, Ontario. I’m a City Girl so it was quite a feat and I have a lot of people to thank for it. Notably, K., D., A., A., and L. for giving me (a complete newbie) the opportunity to help stock some Christmas items at Treehaven. It was wonderful learning about the wildlife, small town life, the environment, and overall it was thoroughly inspiring. I’m touched by the generosity people have shown me and eternally grateful they put up with someone like me. I have never really done a large-scale wholesale and I think I was a complete mess because I had noooo clue they would buy much of my sample stock there and then. Hahaha. I’m still painting the "Thank You" cards. I made a small mistake with something so I’ll do my best to rectify the situation like I always do.  :) I’m so grateful right now.

I attended Nuit Blanche with my ‘Fashion Tribe’. Has anyone ever read Kelly Cutrone’s book: If you have to cry, Go outside? 

If you haven’t then let me explain to you what a ‘Fashion Tribe’ is. It’s a group of people you are linked to by profession, passion (for fashion), and who you solemnly swear to help out in a time of fashion-related need (haha). Fashion, I have been told over and over by my parents and some of my close friends is an ‘inane’ thing. Almost superficial. 

But, you know what? It’s where my heart lies. Quite frankly, it’s where THEIR hearts lie. We are a group who go to social events, hang out, and help each other out by creating a bigger network. As you can see this is a portion of my ‘Fashion Tribe’ and it keeps growing as I learn to navigate the networking waters. 

I’ll post more often as I finally get internet. I’ve been cut-off for several weeks now because I ended by Internet commitments with Rogers and Teksavvy is booked up in my rather newly constructed area. Expect a Taobao review, lots of pictures, some outfits, my new hair cut…etc. I’ll have a formal Nuit Blanche post up, too. I need to get all my pictures off all my devices and such. :)