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My name is Sonia. I am a 20s-something living in her penthouse-level condo in the heart of Queen Street West, Toronto. I’m an introvert by nature despite being a Leo. I am currently studying Environmental Studies at York University. My first loves have always been with fashion, art, design, and nature. I’m also a Apple Fangirl at heart and if you ever ask me to recommend you a piece of technology. Know this, it will be an Apple product. Haha.

This blog is a collection of many things. My brand, thoughts, inspirations, progress, DIY, Apple reviews (for fellow Creatives and Creative Business-Lifestyles) and issues I feel very strongly about.

I’m a Fashion enthusiast at heart. My hair for the pass two years has been an indistinct typical Asian color. I love to craft, paint, sew, design and basically create just about anything with my bare hands. I’m experimental at best with most things.

I have a brand called Quaintrella which is my line of upcycled romantic accessories and jewelry. My mother is also under this brand and does most of the crocheting for me. My other recent brand, COVEN by Sonia Kang launched in January 2012 and is my unisex taxidermy line which I have begun separating from Quaintrella.

I love Japanese Street Fashion and currently curate two Livejournal groups: SO Lolita and Forestdoll. SO Lolita being for those interested in Gothic and Lolita Fashions. While Forestdoll is for those who love the aesthetic of Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, Natural Kei, Otome, and vintage clothing.

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