Friday, December 11, 2009

A small update

Been fairly busy.

Currently building my studio and waiting for my many online purchases to arrive.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Milanoo BTSSB Boot Review, Review, and Mashimaro-Girl Review!

I have been shopping for shoes the past couple of months since I have limited my budget on Lolita clothes. I actually recently invested in a serger and moved and it doesn't allow for me to spend as much on clothes.

Here are the shoes I have bought the past couple of months online:

The first pair are the boots from Milanoo, the two pairs of boots beside it are from, the two pairs of shoes below he Milanoo boots Secretshop IW-replica shoes received from Mashimaro-Girl and Secretshop teaparty shoes from the Sales Comm, the 3 pairs beside the SS shoes are also from


I actually purchased these before the torrential flood of bad reviews from them on October 22nd. They are the Btssb replica boots in matte white. I had taken advantage of their October FREE SHIPPING EVENT (which ironically is happening AGAIN this month). Although, they had taken off the shoes from their website due to 'supplier issues' I was able to order from them via saved history from browsing their site weeks before. Shockingly, it went through their Checkouts.

The shoes were $84.99USD ($94 CAD) but once you signed up they sent you a voucher for a discount of $9 USD or equivalent OFF your purchase. Free shipping and a $9 voucher sounded nice so I bought them and it total cost me $75.99USD ($83 CAD). But, once the bad reviews started pouring in I got worried and contacted them. The first email said they were having supplier issues, I emailed them back about the timeframe, then the second email from them for some reason came with a reply that I'd receive them on NOV. 6th as promised in my Invoice (different person)... Then, NOV rolled around and there was no tracking number or anything. By then I contacted them and they left me HANGING for 2 hours in their Livechat program and it took them that long just to answer if my item was shipped. They said they shipped it on NOV 3rd via EMS but when I checked my tracking number it said NOV 6th and I had not received it until today. IMO it took a little longer then I had expected for EMS.

When I received it they had shipped the boots in a goddamn BAG:

From this bag I noticed small HOLES:

Then after opening it that the only packaging they had used for protecting the shoes was a Milanoo eco-bag made from heat-bonded polyester and a slightly crumpled sheet of tissue paper:

There was NOT a trace of CARDBOARD, any padding, or were any of the shoes stuffed with paper on the insides to protect them from becoming damaged or crumpled. Because of this, they came slightly damaged:

No, doubt the damages were caused from them flopping around and being folded during shipment in a bag.

Aside from that, the shoes themselves were OKAY quality. The detailing was nice but maybe a little off:

The shoes themselves are made from pleather and tend to wrinkle easily. I had chosen size 37 (since my experience from ordering Chinese-made shoes tend to show that that was my most accurate measurement) and they fit well almost snug. There is NO GRIP on the shoes though, just some measly tape to protect them but are not to be worn with them on. The sewing was OKAY but as you can see where the velcro is that holds the top portion in place the stitching is slightly slanted and there was fraying also on that part. For both shoes, the lining had deep wrinkles that could not be seen from the outside. One thing that pissed me off was that the supplier had chosen to use a light GRAY zipper as opposed to a white one.The dent was barely visible once I poked at it from the inside but as you can see it's a permanent thing.

Shoes: 4/5
Communication: 3/5 - Fast email replies but leaving me hanging on Livechat for a single easy question was bad, confusing Engrish and information, making false promises and not updating me until I asked for it.
Shipping & Packaging: 2/5 Shipping boots in a bag with little protection, thus, causing damages was really an fail.
Overall: 3/5 I would not buy from them again especially since the bad reviews and the confusing experience I had with Milanoo. I'll stick to Secretshop and those that deal with SS shoes.


I know a few of you had been asking about for a while. I actually got the courage to order from them a month back. The quality is again OKAY. Not the best, good enough to sell for Fashion-based stores where the girls who buy them only buy them and wear them a small amount of time. In terms of accuracy to their photos, while most of their products look like the photos they put on their website I can tell that they most likely ripped those photos off of Korean or Japanese sites. The products themselves are replicas.

How do I know this? I saw a Korean girl wearing the real leather version of the black boots I ordered from in person while working one day. Sad.

Shipping from them was via EMS and it was a LOT faster then Milanoo (and hellishly more expensive because they measure in grams). The packaging was a lot better but the box they had was flimsy and there were 3 puncture marks when it arrived. The shoes were bagged and had padding on the insides to prevent damage. However, the boots were folded in half to save space and this caused permanent wrinkling on the body of the shoes. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Next time, I'd rather order from a Korean or Japanese wholesaler.

These shoes were perfect, light-weight, well-made, the flowers were removable, the shoes comfortable IF ONLY THEY FIT ME.

These shoes looked fine at first until you noticed details (see below), bad gluing, lack of padding, and sticky ankle straps from residual glue during manufacturing.

These boots at first glance looked nice but they wrinkle pretty fast and terribly. Some minor defects such as around the buckle area the straps edges are cut instead of being sewn and the lack of padding made it really hard to break into and uncomfortable. But, they do look nice.

These shoes were probably the worst out of the batch: residual glue on the front, sides, and around the ankle strap. Hard soles that aren't exactly forgiving especially with a serious lack of padding. The ankle strap was sticky and hard to move around because of the glue... and if you look closely at the right shoe the black cutout is off.

Shoes: 3.5/5 The cost is cheap but the shipping is its equivalent.
Communication: 5/5 Their Livechat was pretty decent.
Shipping & Packaging: 3.5/5 EMS ended up costing what the shoes cost, folding the boots was a NO-NO, and the box was pretty flimsy.


Mashimaro-Girl was easy to place an order with. Their service is prompt however, I encountered problems when the shoes were not shipped on their deadline. Instead, I had to contact them a week later after finding out from a Qcute post that all suppliers of SS shoes were having supplier issues with the buckles. It's a little sad when you have to find out from competition that there were supplier issues. The shoes arrived around 2 weeks later after the first deadline.

They are perfect fit! Compared to the SS Teaparty shoes I bought off the Sales_Comm that were M 23-23.5 in Japanese size which were for some reason a tad bigger.

Shoes: 5/5
Communication: 4.5/5
Shipping & Packaging: 5/5

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sweep that fringe, yo!

I bought more things recently. Bad, me!

- Emily Temple Cute tote bag
- Lashblast Lengthening Mascara
- Floppy Vintage-looking black wool hat from XX1
- Nouveau-vintage feel cream cardigan w/ screenprinted collar

I have also decided to also start sweeping my bangs to right side of my face:

Makes me look more scene-kid then I would like but it seems that after months of sweeping my fringe bangs I have messed up my hair line. Weird, huh?

I shall take pictures of my purchases when I finally receive my Lolita boots from Milanoo. They are finally in Canada after 5 days somewhere in the world.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopping Realities.

Saving money is like a life-long tragedy for me.

Honestly, I used to be able to do it prior to caring about my appearance and what I own. But as soon as one of my friends taught me how to spend and have fun. That is all I am used to now. I like throwing $150+ on trips down Queen St. West in the fashion district. Buying all sorts of fabrics and notions that make me happy and my fabric boxes filled to the brim.

However, recently I have been noticing that some of the things I buy are just NOT worth it in the end. For someone who does Environmental Studies I am a magnet of trash and waste. It almost seems like I don't care. Which isn't true. I just don't think about it on a conscious level.

I can think of the waste I have created:
  • The Geo circle lenses I recently purchased were FAIL. One eye is perfect the other isn't. What makes it worst is because Geo has a fixed axis on their toric lenses of 180*. My left eye has an axis of 10*. FAILLLLLL.
  • My order. Not everything, just the wedges (they don't fit - too big) and the 6" PVC heels because I won't get that much usage out of them. Then again...they were not built for walking. Hahaha.
  • The Drugstore black eyeliner I bought from Shoppers that came with a ginormous smudger but couldn't stay on for more then 5 hours. I also bought slate grey in the same brand. In order to escape the smudge I also bought another black eyeliner that gave me better results. In the end more money to nothing.
I recently also bought $65 worth of 3.5 yards medium-weight pink wool simply because after a couple hours of searching I finally found PINK WOOL. How amazing is that. I juuuust had to buy it. Only to regret it later because I had used that week's grocery funds. Not a waste. Yet.

However, not all is lost. There are purchases I made recently that have been great. My SecretShop Innocent World replica shoes are made from AWESOME.

My flats, and two pairs of boots are also AWESOME. I have been wearing the black ones for some time and treating them like crap and they are still holding up. Only drawback is that they pointed toes sometimes hurt my toes after 6+ hours of clomping in them.

Oh, and I also invested in a pair of white Lolita boots:

They are from and they were finally shipped today after a week or so of delay. Bad customer service but the discount was $9 off and free shipping. Couldn't resist a the calling of a much coveted pair of white boots. I wanted black too...but my pocketbook sagged inwardly at the thought.

However, I also got a new Lolita coat! I am still working on the hems, adding lace, and fixing the buttons. But it was made from the scrap black wool I had leftover from a caplet project last year. My mom modified the pattern of an H&M coat I had bought and returned (it was $126 +tax):

She made the pattern so I would be able to use it again and again. I intend to retrieve the pattern from her new condo this Friday and being some modifications and use my pink wool. I shall post pictures of the coat once I am done! I can't believe how much we saved using scrap material for the otuershell and the bodice + sleeve lining. In total, the coat cost around $60 instead of $126 + tax.

Nice. And environmentally friendly, too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ShopTalk for Oct 5th

Sorry, I haven't been updating much.

Since moving out things have been so complicated in my life and at work.

There have been so many things happening and there are times I really would like to step away from it all and just shop. Which is what I did yesterday with a fellow co-worker, E. We ended up in Sephora for an hour trying on lipsticks and such. It was quite amusing despite the fact I have never really been a fan of lipstick. E. chose out a orangey-red color for me in the Korres section and it was the first thing I put on. All I can tell you is that it looked so amazing I shelled out $26 on my first organic lipstick. It suits my olive complexion quite well.

I have also applied to an upscale photography studio to work at since hours will be getting cut at work during the dead season. No one likes to buy furniture during the winter time.

Despite being faced with potential financial drought in the coming months due to hour cuts
at work. I am still trying to maintain a lifestyle that is unwise but so hard to give up. I recently ordered from E.L.F and this is my order:

It was a rather big order but totally worth it. It's pretty good price for what you get but I wish I had ordered from the Studio Line since the quality is much better then their everyday line. I did get some of their mineral line and I am thoroughly impressed. Not bad for $3.

I also recently ordered from if you haven't read my friend-locked LJ. Here are the pairs I ordered and it should be arriving this week via EMS. I can't wait to rock the boots with my newly made short shorts (which were created out of a pair of jeans I was going to throw out - YAY for re-using!).

I ordered some witchy-looking patent PVC heels also just for the heck of it since I have never owned a pair and for $16 USD I just couldn't go wrong. Just a note that does their pricing at 'wholesale' prices which means you are able to buy their products at a heavily discounted price but you still have to pay that pricy TNT (3-4 day shipped), EMS (5-7 days shipped), and Airmail shipping by the gram.

What I found vaguely strange was that some teeny things such as their Paul Frank or Comme de Garcon replica bags added so much weight when they shouldn't. It made me think that shipping could be possibly either rigged or ridged on a set weight system. It really took the omph of paying wholesale prices. These white and black flats were simply much too adorable to pass up on. They remind me of tuxedos for girls. Haha. Those white wedge heels with the puffy removable chiffon roses I have seen at my local P-Mall but they were a whooping $45-50 CAD. I would pay half of that including shipping costs with this order. :)

I also ordered circle lenses suitable for my astigmatism from the Eyewant Circle lenses group order. Unfortunately, I am also limited in terms of color - grey and brown:

My Mashimaro-Girl IW-replica shoes are also late due to defects :'-(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Serger and iPhone App

So, this is the serger the significant other and I finally lugged to my house.

I admit, I was partial to it because it had purple.

I am not sure if that makes me shallow or anything. But, damn, it is a pretty little powerhorse. I have to book classes this Friday and see how to work the tensions and all before I am able to really touch it and work with fabrics. It also came with a nifty VHS video. Totally old school.

At the moment, I am installing the latest iPhone RPG game. Dungeon Hunter. I've seen the game play and it's pretty nifty.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drama Illama and Shopping Habito-s.

There has been a little too much drama in my life lately.

But, I have managed to somehow make today one of the greatest achievements of my life. Today, is the two year anniversary with my significant other. To celebrate, I've already somewhat prepared my outfit for tomorrow. :)

Plus, I bought him a 500GB Western Digital MyPassport Portable Hard drive from Bestbuy yesterday. He was the happiest boy in the world. If only, I had felt happier. My wallet is feeling the burn after the purchases above (pictured).

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day to Loathe

Today was the last day of the CNE.

It was also perhaps the most horrid day I've had in a while with friends, at least. The day, honestly, could not have begun and ended in a worst way. There was a good dose of drama, fighting, very little time spent enjoying the day or even shopping.

I know, shocking, even for me.

I tend to have this subconscious method of making my life a lot more complicated then it should be. I've been told that it's "ALL IN YOUR HEAD". But, at the same time I seem to enjoy and reap the benefits of what this all entails in the end. Hot and heavy make-up time with the significant other. Trust me, there is no better way to light my fire then to make me feel like I OWE him something and I have to try my best. It's a feeling of being on the borderline of being punished and catering to him. For some strange reason, it is such a turn-on. It sounds like guilt-tripping. Haha. But, everything is now dandy now that he's given me another chance and I've made it up to him by completing the cycle.

I did manage to squeeze some shopping before meeting up with my friend and significant other. I bougt Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot gel cushions. Unfortunately, after a couple hours of wear they started feeling like a pair of rubber erasers rubbing against my foot. Will be returning those pretty soon. I should have bought Comfort Insoles since they are better suited for boots. A pity, I had to suffer.

I also got the Bauch & Lomb soft contact lens eye drops. Contrary to their actual relief-aiding properties I found that they made my eyes burn a bit and that the relief was a tad shorter lived then I had previously thought. Maybe because my Nudy circle lenses (I wore today) have always felt a tad uncomfortable. I really need to look into prescriptions - I feel as if wearing my circle lenses make my eyes more tired, red, and pained when worn for more then 5 hours. I will be cutting down wearing them to 2-3 times every couple of weeks. They get really uncomfortable and today one folded in my eye while putting it in. Ew.

Another highlight was that I spent no more then $40 the whole day AND I finally got a Lunchmate Stacker's. Sadly childish, but for some reason eating processed ham with cheddar cheese on crackers brought my spirit up. NUMMY.

Also, my business partner / friend, Aya got a JANOME sewing machine from the Janome exhibition store (SEWING WORLD WAREHOUSE OUTLET). It's a great machine and a great warranty. I am SO JEALOUS. ARGH! I also, found out that the serger we (SO AND I) recently purchased for $499 + tax was on sale at their home store location for $399 + tax. I could have saved at least $115 dollars and it was a better deal with a FREE RUFFLER foot. LIKE WHAT THE HELL. I can't sleep because I am so pissed off. I emailed them about their low price guarantee not sure if they'll refund me the money since the sales are final but at least they can give me something back. I had bought it from the SEWING MACHINE OUTLET STORE but their store hours are unbelievably short compared to their competition that Aya had bought her sewing machine from. SAD. SO SAD. They also offer a 2 year trade-in. SHIT.

I am in a state of regret.

But, at least I have a good serger.

NOT FAIR. I haven't even touched it yet. Plus, the store I bought it from

Friday, September 4, 2009

Heart to Heart

I have taken to wearing my Geo circle lenses at least 2-3 times a week. In the pictures above, I am wearing my Geo Nudy's in brown. I love how it makes my eyes looks so different from normal. I blab about it so much that my significant other who works in customer service knows which Asian girl customer is wearing them now. He even asked one girl today and she was damn surprised. Haha.

Lately, I have been having issues with my self-esteem.

There are just so many things going on that are just a little too much to handle right now. I think I may be sick. I am not sure what type of sickness it is and I by gods, hope it's nothing terminal or something that will render me somewhat useless physically. I experience pain from it everyday - and the first time trying to book an appointment at multiple doctors was intensely frustrating. I ended up tearing up a little because the next available slots for me were 2-3 weeks. How the hell am I supposed to suffer for 2-3 weeks without any treatment?

I am scared. I am really scared. I don't know what to do and despite being rather strong in certain ways I am not a big pushover. More passive-agressive if anything. But, sometimes when I feel so weak, I think to myself that there is no lower I can go and I must fight my way out of the pit I dug. So, I called again and pushed for an emergency appointm
ent. I have an appointment due next week with one doctor and a nurse (from my family doctor's practice).

I am not quite sure what it is sometimes. It's almost as if when my life is at it's most hectic point that I just have a habit of bringing more trouble into my life to distract myself from the reality. I know, I get a lot more snappy and I start bashing the significant other and pushing him away even though I know I shouldn't. If anything, I just want to be left alone to mope.

Lately, I just want to shop. Shopping, is such an adventure lately. I paid for half my serger (my significant other paid for the other half as it is my Birthday Present). I finally bought a flat-iron. Went on a mini shopping spree at Sephora getting Benefit Erase Paste and Korres Quince Lip Butter + a free sample of Anastasia Mascara. I bought a pair of sexy boots from Payless.

Ridiculous, how much I spend when stressed!

It almost seems like beauty comes in a prettily packaged box...or many boxes:

But lately, the focus has been on appearance. Usually, I am not very high maintenance. However, recently I've been feeling this slight pressure to look a certain way now that I have been exposed to the world in which a certain perfection presides hand in hand with materialism. It almost seems as if I was meant to catch on. Eventually. I don't know how wholesome it will make me feel once I attain this beauty.

I've always told my bestfriend that to feel beautiful you must truly believe it for it to happen. Somehow, I've lost touch with that. To be honest, sometimes its all in your head. You can fiddle a lot with the outside but beauty really comes from within. And at this moment, my insides are ugly ugly ugly. They are like a rotting pile of tangles and knots.

Yet, despite this all. I still realize that while my spending could be cut a little more and I will always be on the pursuit for something to better myself. I will be fine. I have a lot of things many take for granted or don't even have. I should be happy. Thankful. Selfless.

Like our dog, Cookie: