Monday, October 5, 2009

ShopTalk for Oct 5th

Sorry, I haven't been updating much.

Since moving out things have been so complicated in my life and at work.

There have been so many things happening and there are times I really would like to step away from it all and just shop. Which is what I did yesterday with a fellow co-worker, E. We ended up in Sephora for an hour trying on lipsticks and such. It was quite amusing despite the fact I have never really been a fan of lipstick. E. chose out a orangey-red color for me in the Korres section and it was the first thing I put on. All I can tell you is that it looked so amazing I shelled out $26 on my first organic lipstick. It suits my olive complexion quite well.

I have also applied to an upscale photography studio to work at since hours will be getting cut at work during the dead season. No one likes to buy furniture during the winter time.

Despite being faced with potential financial drought in the coming months due to hour cuts
at work. I am still trying to maintain a lifestyle that is unwise but so hard to give up. I recently ordered from E.L.F and this is my order:

It was a rather big order but totally worth it. It's pretty good price for what you get but I wish I had ordered from the Studio Line since the quality is much better then their everyday line. I did get some of their mineral line and I am thoroughly impressed. Not bad for $3.

I also recently ordered from if you haven't read my friend-locked LJ. Here are the pairs I ordered and it should be arriving this week via EMS. I can't wait to rock the boots with my newly made short shorts (which were created out of a pair of jeans I was going to throw out - YAY for re-using!).

I ordered some witchy-looking patent PVC heels also just for the heck of it since I have never owned a pair and for $16 USD I just couldn't go wrong. Just a note that does their pricing at 'wholesale' prices which means you are able to buy their products at a heavily discounted price but you still have to pay that pricy TNT (3-4 day shipped), EMS (5-7 days shipped), and Airmail shipping by the gram.

What I found vaguely strange was that some teeny things such as their Paul Frank or Comme de Garcon replica bags added so much weight when they shouldn't. It made me think that shipping could be possibly either rigged or ridged on a set weight system. It really took the omph of paying wholesale prices. These white and black flats were simply much too adorable to pass up on. They remind me of tuxedos for girls. Haha. Those white wedge heels with the puffy removable chiffon roses I have seen at my local P-Mall but they were a whooping $45-50 CAD. I would pay half of that including shipping costs with this order. :)

I also ordered circle lenses suitable for my astigmatism from the Eyewant Circle lenses group order. Unfortunately, I am also limited in terms of color - grey and brown:

My Mashimaro-Girl IW-replica shoes are also late due to defects :'-(