Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Heart Collective, New Ideas and a Farting Alpaca!

I really love having those moments in which inspiration just strikes you hard enough to wobble your brain. I had one of those moments at 5AM while reading my Ecological Economics textbooks for University. I kept thinking about Consumerism and how it was King -> Crown -> Death…viola! My latest inspiration and foray into more gothic aesthetic. See the picture above. Wouldn’t they be perfect for an ornate necklace or ring? :)

The Creative Heart Collective was pretty nifty. I table-shared with Morico buddies Chu and Cindy. It was nice to meet old familiar faces and new ones. Thank you everyone who came out to support me! I hope to participate at bigger venues next time around. 

I end this entry with my Farting Alpaca totebag from Chu of Morico. It’s a beautifully random bag of sorts…I’m not sure what draws me to it more. The fluffiness of the pictured Alpaca or the blissful expression on it’s face as it passes gas. Hahaha. Go figure. 

Currently, in woe over two pairs of green shoes (one vintage and another XXI) that have slipped from my grasps. Now, before classes I’m going to go looking for some green shoes to fill the void. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Goals and Plans for Quaintrella

I’m a very lucky girl.

I am immensely thankful for all the opportunities presented to me to pursue my dreams. I have always believed that I will get whatever I want if I work hard for it. So far this has proved to be quite apt. I’m thankful that I know at this moment who I am, what I truly want, what I am worth, how I am going to achieve it, and who will be there with me in the very end.

I’m keeping my eye out for potential store locations when I open my own boutique in hopefully a few years. I’d prefer a Queen Street storefront but there is a lot of potential and growth in some nearby neighbourhoods that are worth keeping an eye on (one reason why I fastidiously will stalk neighbourhood statistics).

I have to go to 3 stores in Northern Ontario in the latter of this month and introduce potential Christmas stock to the owners. Yesterday, I approached an local boutique about selling with them and I have a few more in mind to approach in the coming weeks.

I am also re-connecting with my German contact to see if I can begin selling my Taxidermy lines within the country despite the double-dip recession parts of Europe is experiencing. I expect France may come next if my friend there is comfortable approaching stores on my behalf. Japan seems a little more tricky - I already have a lot of friends willing to translate communications for me but it’s a matter or which boutiques to approach as I don’t have many friends IN the country right now. If all goes well by early 2012 I’ll most likely be accompanying a friend to Miami and New York - I’ll see if my aesthetic fits somewhere. :)

Wish me luck on the playing on the global market!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TIFF Party - John Varvatos Fashion Show at Ultra Supper Club

Part of a going through a 'Quarter-Life' crisis made me realize many things. 

One of them was that University does not prepare you for the real world. The real world is many things but most importantly it is a world full of social networks. I'm not talking about Twitter, Facebook, MySpace...etc. But rather the social network of who you know and who they know. I want to pursue a career in the fashion industry but it's a industry full of contacts, acquaintances, friends, and who you can connect with. In order to get opportunities you have to network. 

In fashion one of the best ways to do this is to attend parties.

It just seemed like fate that a couple weeks before I was invited to a Holt Renfrew "You've been Coveteur'd" After Party hosted by a childhood acquaintance and former ELLE UK intern.  She invited me and then I invited a few people from my 'Passion for Fashion' workshop. I even bumped into my rather famous publicist instructor who mans the workshop. It is a different world - especially for someone as tame as myself. I like to say the only club I have been to is a book club. Hahaha. 

Two nights ago, I attended another party. This one was a TIFF Party - John Varvatos Fashion Show at Ultra Supper Club. I would like to thank my new publicist-in-trainng friend, Ranu, for telling us about this party. I'm determined to cross the boundaries of just 'fashion' based networking since I believe fashion is a lot more then clothes. I brought some friends from outside the industry and thank god my friend, Veruca, brought a camera! Most of these pictures are from her camera. :) Thank you, Veruca! 

I highly recommend you visit her awesome fashion blog:

I wore my new dress I ordered off Taobao from the supplier of Japanese Gyaru brand, Snidel. It's gorgeous! I bought it in pink, too! I love Snidel because it combines my love of Mori aesthetic with a romantic and girly silhouette. I'll be writing a review about my first experiences using Taobaospree and ordering from direct suppliers. 

Me, Antonio, and Veruca. You can tell we both do distinctly Asian poses and expressions.

Me and Ranu. She wearing such an aweeeesssooomeee shirt - the collar is so unique.

Taken from my iPhone. Me and Veruca.

Me and my close friend, Em. I'm holding a John Frieda swag bag - this seems to be the norm at big fashion parties. Ah, I have such a fatty face. I love Em's swanky pose. :)

Group photo of half of the people that came. We are missing the 4 other people. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye, Quarter-life Crisis!

For the longest time I whined about a life change. More like a quarter-life crisis. Haha.

Things weren't looking so good on so many levels. Friendships deteriorated, I felt bitter, lost, my emotions were a train wreck, and I felt that everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong. But, after so much introverted hermiting I rejuvenated my social juices and decided to take the plunge despite my rather hectic scheduling at work. I have always firmly believed you make your own life and only you can change it. Only if you have the guts to that is. Your own happiness is in your hands.

We, as humans are a creature of habit. We constantly believe in a routine and sometimes we are so set in it that it's so hard to change. We hold grudges. We let petty people live in our heads who have nothing better to do. We dwell on things that hold us back never taking that step forward. We don't take risks.

I'm happy to say that my life change has arrived. I took the advice of a friend and attended this fashion workshop locally called Passion for Fashion. It has changed my life. Despite being in Environmental Studies fashion has always been my passion. Creating things is my passion. I feel at peace and happy because this is my calling. It's amazing how small the world is. Knowing people who know people you know. Things aren't so scary when you know that. I have a new circle of friends who aspire for the same thing as me. The most amazing thing being that these people have vastly different educational backgrounds just like me but they are still following their dreams. How inspiring. I am going to go further - just signed on a burlesque production and will be sitting in with at a high fashion photoshoot next week. Can't wait! Goodbye, quarter-life crisis.