Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Heart Collective, New Ideas and a Farting Alpaca!

I really love having those moments in which inspiration just strikes you hard enough to wobble your brain. I had one of those moments at 5AM while reading my Ecological Economics textbooks for University. I kept thinking about Consumerism and how it was King -> Crown -> Death…viola! My latest inspiration and foray into more gothic aesthetic. See the picture above. Wouldn’t they be perfect for an ornate necklace or ring? :)

The Creative Heart Collective was pretty nifty. I table-shared with Morico buddies Chu and Cindy. It was nice to meet old familiar faces and new ones. Thank you everyone who came out to support me! I hope to participate at bigger venues next time around. 

I end this entry with my Farting Alpaca totebag from Chu of Morico. It’s a beautifully random bag of sorts…I’m not sure what draws me to it more. The fluffiness of the pictured Alpaca or the blissful expression on it’s face as it passes gas. Hahaha. Go figure. 

Currently, in woe over two pairs of green shoes (one vintage and another XXI) that have slipped from my grasps. Now, before classes I’m going to go looking for some green shoes to fill the void. 

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