Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heavy Heart and Purchases

I have finally been feeling the effects of losing a close friend. A best friend for that matter. But, in many ways my life is a lot more simpler and it’s a lot more suitable for my introvert personality. I like placid days of just ‘Me’ time. There’s less drama, less heartbreak of seeing someone intentionally want to hurt themselves with their relationship, and a lot less things to worry about in terms of responsibilities. At the same time sometimes I feel like I am losing it without some piece of her close to me. I think I really lost something and I’m really too stubborn to fully acknowledge it. But, I don’t think it will ever be the same for a little while - she has changed too much even though she may not acknowledge it. That change is the true beast rearing it’s head and I want no part in such pettiness. 

I have been slowly working on my June Collection. But my heart weighs heavily on the fact Canada Post is still on strike and lockdown. I really hope it ends soon - I just sent out an update to all buyers on their items (be it stuck somewhere in Canada or has yet to be sent). It reminds me too much of my York University strike two years ago where students like myself were barred from classes for almost 6-7 months because the Teaching Assistants went on strike. It actually makes me a little depressed thinking about it. I really feel intimidated by strikes and the rallying crowds. I’m sure everyone has their causes but don’t try to get me to join in as it’s not my fight. 

I cheered myself up with a new dye job. I am now somewhere between an ash brown and old remains of my fiery red hair.

And, I went shopping for more supplies. I am the biggest supply hoarder ever. I went to one of my favourite stores (which I live rather close to now). MOKUBA is a Japanese lace trim and notion store and everything they carry is made by their company in Japan. I am in love with pastels right now and you’ll see lots of it in my new June Collection. It’ll also included clothes! This isn’t the only lace I bought either…I’ll do a separate post on that later. 

I have had people ask me why my items are so expensive (I don’t think they are). Well, this is one of the reasons why. I use very very high quality lace. It’s either from Mokuba, heirloom American lace, out of production laces or one-of-a-kind vintage. Mokuba costs me an arm even with my business discount and I don’t compromise. I only go for the best. While, my vintage laces (some which are out of product laces) can never be found again. 

With such limited quantities and amount of time it takes to hand sew (I don’t glue anything unless it can’t be sewn on) my pendant pieces - why should I charge myself under? Also, keep in mind if a pendant necklace takes 2-3 hours to make and the Canadian minimum wage is $10.25/hour then it’ll cost a LOT more then some worker in China making $2 a day. This is the value of handmade and quite frankly to have it not done in a sweatshop means you have to pay the prices. 

I also bought a dress in Chinatown. My close friend, Em, bought a dress different from mine. Looks heavenly on her! I hope we can have an outfit shot of both soon. This was a little more pricy then I’d like to admit but it was so different from the sickening clusterfucks of floral on floral in the store. Plus, I am a huuuuuuuge sucker for flowy georgette and chiffon. I like simplicity with chiffon. It fits me like a glove and looks perfect. I can’t wait to wear it out. I only have another green dress in this tone and for some reason this color looks really nice on my tanned skin. :) 

And, now I leave you random pictures with their explanations below. 

Bubble shorts I was considering on purchasing. Em bought the black pair.

Strange bird eating an apple core in front of my building. I have yet to identify it.

A picture of me waiting for Em to get dressed for a Lolita Meet we never made it too. My eye might not look irritated much in this picture but it got irritated that day because I got gel liner stuck to my contacts...

Friday, June 10, 2011

I have moved! Product now available at TNK Vintage in Bloordale Village!

My view. I can see Lake Ontario. Taken with my iPhone 4.

No skyscrapers blocking my view directly. :) Taken with my iPhone 4.

The eye of a storm captured two days ago with my iPhone 4. 

My friend, Emily’s beautiful birthday cake I got her. Also, taken with my iPhone 4. 

I recently moved. 5 days ago. It’s been an extremely stressful time but at the same time I am so ecstatic about it. One of my oldest and closest friend’s, Em, lives several floors below mine. It’s a brand new building in a budding area of the city right by Liberty Village. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in the area from elementary and high school. I’m on penthouse level, too! The view is amazing! Check out my pictures above! I am so happy. Everything is finally unpacked, too. Can’t wait to start creating beautiful stuff for my brand, Quaintrella. 

Also, I finally dropped off my items to TNK VINTAGE! Please, check them out. I dropped off pendant necklaces, avian skull necklaces, avain skull rings, and fascinator-brooch combinations! 

At the same time. I featured my items today in ETSY pendant jewelry section! Hopefully, it pays off!

How is everyone else doing? Anyone moved - like me?