Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye, Quarter-life Crisis!

For the longest time I whined about a life change. More like a quarter-life crisis. Haha.

Things weren't looking so good on so many levels. Friendships deteriorated, I felt bitter, lost, my emotions were a train wreck, and I felt that everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong. But, after so much introverted hermiting I rejuvenated my social juices and decided to take the plunge despite my rather hectic scheduling at work. I have always firmly believed you make your own life and only you can change it. Only if you have the guts to that is. Your own happiness is in your hands.

We, as humans are a creature of habit. We constantly believe in a routine and sometimes we are so set in it that it's so hard to change. We hold grudges. We let petty people live in our heads who have nothing better to do. We dwell on things that hold us back never taking that step forward. We don't take risks.

I'm happy to say that my life change has arrived. I took the advice of a friend and attended this fashion workshop locally called Passion for Fashion. It has changed my life. Despite being in Environmental Studies fashion has always been my passion. Creating things is my passion. I feel at peace and happy because this is my calling. It's amazing how small the world is. Knowing people who know people you know. Things aren't so scary when you know that. I have a new circle of friends who aspire for the same thing as me. The most amazing thing being that these people have vastly different educational backgrounds just like me but they are still following their dreams. How inspiring. I am going to go further - just signed on a burlesque production and will be sitting in with at a high fashion photoshoot next week. Can't wait! Goodbye, quarter-life crisis.


Layla said...

Don't you love that moment when everything clicks into place and you realize this is where you were supposed to be heading all along? :) Best of luck

Sonia said...

@Layla, thank you! Everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly. From getting the place of my dreams to all the opportunities around me. I'm lucky and thankful. Thank you again for your kind comments. :)