Friday, December 17, 2010

Le Petit Pig Pins + Consignment

Credit: From Le Petit Pig

I remember selling at the rather under-selling Bazaar of the Bizarre and being approached by a woman who owned a consignment shop in Toronto called Ransack the Universe. I had her card for ages in my purse and finally found it - coincidentally, the location also presided INSIDE a vintage store (69 Vintage Collective) I had wanted to visit for a LONG time. I met up with a local Lolita, Stacy - whose blog I've linked to for those interested - and she directed me to 69 Vintage Collective where the basement belonged to Ransack the Universe. I thought it was distinctly home-grown enough to sell my mom's small variety of amigurumi. But, I have to check out the list of top consignment stores to see what I am up against and who I can appeal to. Also, I saw these CUTE wooden pins. I just HAD to buy them because they reminded me of my bestfriends - Aya and Em. But, I wanted this cute mushroom headed pin for myself - I ended up contacting the local artist who produced them and I should be getting it by this week's end. :)

Em got Little Red Riding Hood (who actually reminds me of my old rag doll) and Aya I bought a 1" Apple Faced character but decided that the Strawberry Face (which is bigger) would be better for her. I got myself a Pine Tree Faced thing, too. Check her out! Her work is amazing and from Toronto.

Looking at these makes me really want to try stamp work because it's a lot less time intensive then most of the crafts I do. I've always wanted to print my own fabric and stamps look easier then silk-screening...

I also recently joined the Mori Girl Secret Santa on LJ. I'm so excited. 

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