Friday, December 10, 2010


I just spent a disgustingly long amount of time browsing through ETSY. I went from 2-3 pages of Favourites 16 pages. Which means in two hours I added an additional 260 items. Wow.

So far, I've held back from making any personal purchases. I'll make do with my current stash until Anime North comes around in a few months. I've already put away money for registration - and I am going to start looking into consignment around Toronto. I really want to get my mom's amigurumi stuff out there - but for a good price. I found it very hard to sell at the same craft fair twice in a year - I did okay in the first one - but the foot traffic is horrid. Meaning, it was only 100 potential customers.

I have to get out there more. Socialize. Connect. With. People. Of. My. Kind.

I'll be visiting many places Monday to explore options. Plus, I am going to be attending a Craft Swap affair on Thursday at Ransack the Universe. :D

Updating ETSY is hard work. It's time consuming and I am lucky to have a friend who's taken her time and energy to take pictures for me and edit them. Now, I have a fancy camera (an early Christmas gift) that weighs more then it should but takes awesome photos. Now, it'll be my job to do the picture taking. So far, I've had 4 sales via ETSY, 1 via LJ, 1 potential shopping service from Mokuba, and one local one. Totalling it 6 so far.

Unfortunately, I am not happy with the types of sales - they are small fish. But, it adds up. Tomorrow, it'll be the tedious process of gathering all the stock then packaging them for shipment. I had to up some prices on ETSY because I totally forgot that on top of the $0.20/ listing and the 3.5% of the sale ETSY takes there's the goddamn Paypal fees. I am confused how this whole thing totals but after looking at it all. It's a little depressing. Ick.

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