Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Neat Freaking It, City of Craft, and Other Art Show Wanderings!

My 'natural parts’ supplies that include pieces of once living things mostly.

My small doily collection, with hand crochet flowers by my mom, and vintage lace applique.

HALF of my cream and white lace collection. These are the more expensive pieces from Mokuba
a lace trim place that I simply adore and spend way too much money at. Sorry, pocketbook!

I have been on holidays for the past week and whenever I have the opportunity I love to live a little. I don’t like the routine of non-spontanepus actions so this entails the setting of impossibly high standards, crazy dates, projects, and parties. Usually, being a person of whim I only get around half of the things I want done.

For example, I have been procrastinating with my bird skull clutch. I look at the pattern and I feel like it just may need more tweaking. I’m hoping I’ll have the guts to really face my fears and just do it sometime this week before I am worked to death at the part time job. 

One thing that I have done is sort all my supplies into boxes and sections as you can see above. While, this is only 10% of my total supply hoard I am very proud that I sorted everything out. I have this habit of thinking I know where everything is but…it usually results in me spending a lot more then I should and having doubles of certain supplies.

Newly casted bird skulls!

I’ve also managed to successfully find a local supplier to cast me bird skulls after my normal supplier decided to switch from being a supplier to the end market. This definitely but some strain on meeting Christmas deadlines (which I didn’t think happen until one of my stockists sold out - Hells Belles specifically) but I’m glad I can manage independently at a local level. It’s funny because the new supplier lives 2 city blocks away from me and we both are generally located on Queen West. Which proves that this was simply meant to be living in one of the most vibrant parts of Toronto. :)

New Otome Dress, a Gyaru top, and gorgeous earrings!

I never blog about fashion enough. Well, my personal fashion - it’s even harder to take decent outfit pictures because I am a night owl by nature now and it’s so dreary because of winter. However, this does not deter my drive to still own very nice things. I have added so many styles to my wardrobe recently (Country, Hipster, Bohemian, Avant-Garde Goth…etc. to name a few). Right now, I am focusing on building colors and expanding what I normally wear. 

I went to Pacific Mall with Veruca Cyn, my fashion tribe buddy, and we went with a shopping goal. She found her real fur earmuffs for a steal at $20 while I found the Otome dress above (which is perfectly me) for $30 flat. Pacific Mall likes to skimp on taxes if you pay in cash or debit. Mostly cash. It’s funny, because Veruca ended up knowing the owner and I got a hefty discount off that dress. And, we both ended up with that Gyaru top for a mere $12.50 - as we split the 2 for $25 costs. She ended up with a pink colorway and I got the cream. We both look adorable and I explained the Japanese concept of ‘Twinning’ to her. She tells me that that shirt is the only bright and super feminine thing she owns in her closet of dark shadowy blacks. Hahaha. 

City of Craft

Hello Morico in the centre!

City of Craft was marvellous with one of the liveliest atmospheres I have EVER experienced at a craft show. It was huge and as soon as I stepped in I got tingles. My friend and fellow Mori Girl, Chu of Morico was there as well as her boyfriend, Hieng of 1% Talent. Both very very talented people with a aesthetic that I adore. Chu recommended this show to me and while we both applied - I got rejected - it was worth going to as the consumer. So many gorgeous things! I will definitely try to up my game and do it next year. I also want to try for the One-of-a-kind Show but it is a heftier investment. 

The Art Collective at 38 Abell Street

That very same day of City of Craft there was also The Art Collective at 38 Abell Street which is a few building behind me on Queen West. It’s a artsy loft place which frequently has galleries and other events happening. I went to this because my new friend, Dylan of Dylanium Knits was at The Gladstone doing a show and told me that he also had stuff at The Art Collective. I visited him at The Gladstone and then headed to the venue closer to me. It was well worth it since they had free mulled apple cider (perfect for a nippy day) and numerous shortcake cookies. As I munched away, I took in the sights. I absolutely LOVE displays that incorporate such a rustic and peaceful setting. 

When I got home this is what my view looked like! Gorgeous lake and sunset. :)

My City of Craft haul. A shirt for The Boy from 1% talent, two jars of Eudora’s coconut and coriander curry,
bath bombs, two I LOVE ETSY stickers, and a fistful of interesting business cards. 

Here, I smack one of my stickers on my fridge LIKE A BOSS.
So, what is everyone else doing for the holidays? 

I’ll be making another post in the next couple of days on my other adventures. Including attending the Collection Launch of H&M’s Dragon Tattoo line - which is inspired and based off of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. And, my Christmas Market adventures with some recent creations. 

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rikit said...

your lace hoard is sooo nice. i love seeing other people's craft supplies or work areas/process. i'm very unorganized so i admire other people who are way more disciplined. oh yeah, i just broke my mokuba cherry the other day and bought like 1m of expensive trim and thought "i could get 2 hotdogs for this price..." lol i'm so cheap.

and thanks for the mention!

you should def. do 1-of-a-kind actually, i think you would be very very successful there and it's definitely worth the investment from what i heard out of everyone i talked to