Thursday, December 22, 2011

H&M’s Dragon Tattoo Launch

I recently attended an event that I found out from the F-list which apparently according to many of my friends was not a publicly advertised event. I shared it with the ‘Fashion Tribe’ and most of us ended up going. It’s been a while since we have all seen each other - half of us are still in school which puts constraints on certain months. But, I had one more exam after the event and I had promised myself I would go because the stress of finals was killing me slowly on the inside. I’m glad I did - H&M provided free finger foods (the mini slider hamburgers were a piece of heaven) and free alcohol. We also looked at the clothes (not shown because the pictures turned out terrible with the crowding). Click below for pictures of the fun. :)

Ranu and her friends!

Emily’s friend, Emily Woudenberg (Designer), Myself and Veruca Cyn (Designer)

Ranu, Sachi’s friend, Sachi, Emily’s friend and myself.

The interior of party after the models left.

Me wearing my designed pieces - body chain and slave bracelet.

Myself and Veruca.


Flaunting the bling.

Trying to pose.

Thank you, Veruca for the posing direction.

Veruca winking!
Veruca Cyn modeling my jewelry!

Veruca asked if she could try on my newly made jewelry pieces and I obliged. Onwards, you will see the mad posing she does with my pieces and werks it like the model she is. Man, she is fierce - especially with her new partially shaved hair. The jewelry totally suits her. 

My favourite picture!

Ending the night off with Korean BBQ with Veruca.

If I could eat my skull slave bracelet...

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