Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birds of Prey Photo Shoot with Dandy Boy - my Men’s taxidermy accessories line!

Art Direction and Model - Wesley Burness
Photography - Naomi Peters
Wearing: Dandy Boy - Sparrow Skull Cuff Link

Art Direction and Model - Wesley Burness
Photography - Naomi Peters
Wearing: Dandy Boy - Dual Chain Bird Skull Necklace

Right now, I am consumed by total fear of really messing up on the first final I did. I just finished everything but I’m just petrified of the first one I did because I really should have NEVER set a foot into the room to do that exam. I spent those excruciating 3 hours fighting my body because I felt so sick. Which, most likely resulted in really sub-par essay skills. So upsetting!

However, one to better things in life. My friend, Wesley Burness who studies Fashion Communication at Ryerson University borrowed a few of my Dandy Boy pieces for a photo shoot assignment. Posted here are some of the results and my most favourite. I never told him what I wanted and he had complete creative freedom with his assignment but the first two pictures that used my pieces WERE EXACTLY HOW I WOULD PHOTOGRAPH THEM HAD I THE SKILL. The dreamy nostalgia, the slight play on androgyny, the black, the natural light, the brands… I was so surprised it was so spot on to what I liked. 

As you can see I have (if you do not follow my TWITTER and FACEBOOK then you are missing out on what I have) been secretly working on my other aesthetic. A mixture of androgyny, chains, death, leather, and natural history. It’s for Men and Women and I’d like to somehow make it more interchangeable then what I normally do. I’m definitely drifting away from what normal taxidermy jewelry would look like. I’m currently working on a clutch, too! Keep you guys updated.

What do you guys think? He’s goregeous - right? Any feedback on the photo shoot?


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