Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween: Fetish Masquerade Ball

I had the opportunity to be invited to the Fetish Masquerade Ball by my friend, Veruca Cyn, who put me on the VIP list. It has always been something I had wanted to attend but never found the right crowd to go with or had the time. But, this year is different. It was wild and I loved it. Veruca was modelling for a fetish designer, Heather D. and she was absolutely breathtaking on stage dancing in her little nurse outfit. Hahahaha. With her huuuuuugggeee red hair all dolled up. 

There was a feeling I got when I removed my coat and checked it in…and walked into a wildly dressed crowd not knowing anyone or what I was getting into. It made a shiver go up my spine. I felt…different. I felt like somehow I belonged - so small dark part of me just belonged here.

Short story, I got really drunk off gin mixed with juice. Made new friends, saw a lot of half naked people, some wild folk, danced for the first time in my LIFE on STAGE. I’m a very reserved person by nature and I in part blame my rather sheltered upbringing. However, everything I was ever afraid to do comes apart under two influences: Peer Pressure and Alcohol. Hahaha!

I have defied all odds this year so far. I left my business partner and I survived. I was able to do much better then we would have ever done together. I went out and got myself into stores. I saw new perspectives. Made new friends. Changed a complete crowd of people I hang out with. I balanced social life with full-time University, a part-time job, and my business. I danced. For god sake, I danced on stage. All I can say is life is awesome. I have another party to attend tonight and of course the wicked never sleep. 

I enclose pictures taken with my iPhone of my costume and Veruca and I at the event: 

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