Friday, November 11, 2011

New Collection and Pictures from Everyday Life

Here’s a picture what my workspace / studio looks like when I am actually working on things. I have a talent for working within chaos and finding order within it. It’s quite evident in many of the things I make or do. From afar it will look like a cluster but when you look closer it has a kind of balance or order. Very few notice it - but when they do I am very impressed.

Here are some of my latest pieces. I have yet to add to Etsy but they will most likely be going to stores instead. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’ve really liked carved bone pieces. Especially cooky fish with really funny expressions. :) I’ve also found a way to use the silk and rayon tassel samples I bought from the Textile Museum Fabric Sale. This makes me happy and I hope it diminishes my hoard a bit.

Here are some of my latest works. I’m a total romantic bohemian at heart. Sometimes I feel more bohemian then usual. I think recently, it has really been a reoccurring theme in my life. To me, it’s just the essence of free-spirit. My latest pieces are inspired by islands, windswept beaches, sun-bleached fabrics, summer, salt, natural colors and just being free.

At the same time. My style has slowly gone towards the Hipster fashion for the Winter. Trust me, by no means am I a Hipster. I only identify with the fashion itself but not the subculture. I’ve also begun experiment with strange colors and different silhouettes. I bought green oxfords. Haha. 


Kirsten said...

Your outfit is too cute to be hipster, haha. I love the wide-brim hat!

Sonia said...

@Kirsten. Thanks! I finally had the guts to wear it after two years of owning it. :)