Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Revamp + TNK Restock + New Hairbow!

I have been sick all Saturday. To the point I had to call in sick for the first time in months since this year. It seems like I have either given myself food poisoning (seeing as I am quite clumsy) or had a 24 hour stomach bug that some people at work currently have. Either way, the images of microbes dancing across my vision right now is revolting.

I added a button on the side called ‘Appify’ which will be my reviews, commentary, and such about Apple products, apps, and information for fellow Creatives and Creative Lifesytles-Businesses. I will refrain from random posting only to specifically target the Creative and Business niche. I begin my first iPad App review this Monday on Wacom-developed, Bamboo Paper. I’ll be attending the Toronto Apple Expo July 12th - reporting from a Creative perspective.

I restocked my items at Tomorrow Never Knows - a vintage and handmade store curated by the lovely, Eva Bowering. You will find more fascinators, lace applique necklaces (gold and silver chains) and taxidermy jewelry (rings and necklaces in gold and silver chains).

If you are in Toronto I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit her store and Ransack the Universe which are in the same building. Both carry my items and some of my mom’s items!

Despite the pain I told myself I had to be productive. I spent most of the day doing the moooost Photoshop in my life. Maybe, just maybe I might be getting the hang of Photoshop finally. I totally revamped the blog! LOOK! Isn’t it more beautiful and simple? :)

I also got a mailing list service up, set up my blog pages (upper navigation bar), made new earrings, and sewed some lace bow barrettes. I also have a new listing for up for Amigurumi Pea Pods by my mom on Etsy. I need better pictures of everything - so expect that all to be done by the next few weeks. :)

The lace bow barrette (seen in picture above) has been stocked at Tomorrow Never Knows and my Etsy for $20 CDN. I am in the process of making them in three colors: ecru, cream (pictured) and tea-stained (in progress).

Thoughts? Love it? Need it?


suki pooki said...

Congrats on revamping your blog!From what I can see it's lovely! I love the lace background detail! It must've took so much work to do this, Im really photoshop-phob so I'd never be able to do something this difficult!

Sonia said...

Thanks, Suki! I'm actully horrible at Photoshop. Now it doesn't seem as intimidating. Where there is a will there will always be a way. :) I will never have the patience to do beauty photoshopping but this but my simple editing will do for now. Thanks for dropping by! ;)

Layla said...

I love the blog's new look! It's even prettier now :) I don't live in Canada, but if I visit I'll have to check out your stuff there.