Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Death & Sneak peek of New July Product!

It's been a tough week. I just attended my first open casket Wake yesterday. One of my closest friend's mother died a couple days ago. It was all so sudden. :'( I bawled when I heard she had a few months to live and then a couple days later she passed. I cried a lot over it. I didn't breakdown at the Wake which was a slight relief. Nothing worst then being the loud catalyst of grief - when I cry I get pathetically loud and clogged. My heart and prayers go out to my friend's family. Especially my friend who has been nothing less then precious and to this day remains one of my most steadfast buddies. I love you, A.

That aside, been busy working on new designs! I have also expanded into Men's accessories. Lots of Mori Girl + Mori Boy / Dolly Boy items. Dolly Kei headpiece. Natural Kei + Fur Puffs and Tails are back after so many personal requests! Here's a few quick low quality pictures of my items until I get them photographed nicely. :) Enjoy!

As always, comments are welcome and I don't mind constructive criticism at all. :)

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