Sunday, August 30, 2009


Work was quite stressful today.

I actually had a customer yank my whole shoulder because he thought I was going to fall on his daughter. What bullshit. Seriously, if I was going to fall on her it would have happened. But it didn't. I just gave him a glare and walked away. I am not going to apologize for something I obviously didn't do or even happened. You can go and shove it.

It actually aggravated an injury in my wrist I had from putting away BTS. I am not sure what I should have done. Apologized and went on with life? Started causing drama? Cussed at him? Or was walking away the best option.

If there is something I am angry about is that I never stood up for myself. It's actually the one thing I suck at when I am alone and not around friends. I should work on it. I can't bargain or barter because of it and it is also why I always get ripped off at Pacific Mall. Sad, but in the end I did get hurt and I have to fill out an incident report because of his over-protectiveness.

Next time, I will opt for an option of: "Don't fucking touch me." I don't care if it's work. I've had things in my past where there is a reason why I never liked people touching me. It was only the past couple of years that I have gotten used to hugs and touch. No one has the right to touch me without permission. This reminds me of the time when this European customer actually pushed me from his cart because I was 'removing his items'. How the fuck am I supposed to know that it was your stuff when you were in the next department and it was sitting there for 30 minutes untouched?

I should have let his push knock me to the ground. Then started crying in pain.

Man, this reminds me of just how unhappy I am with my job. Not just my job. But a retail job. I honestly am not built for the mass-market retail environment. I get more satisfaction making things then serving people as if they come off a conveyor belt.

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