Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Connections & Paid Design Gig

Facebook is the catalyst to some rather interesting opportunities of the late:

My bestfriend from elementary whom I haven't seen in 12+ years contacted me on Facebook after noticing that I looked rather different in a recent profile picture. She wanted to meet up with me. In the display picture I was wearing the leather dress pictured in the display picture of this blog and without my usual nerdette glasses. It's strange, how if one steps up on appearance in pictures the attention and love just pours right in. This is exactly WHY I try not to dress a certain 'sexy' way to entice male attention from outside of the relationship. Once I slapped those pictures on my Facebook the next day I had co-workers at work telling me how hot I looked while my significant other was but a mere several feet away.


Another interesting opportunity that arose is a friend I met from volunteering at a cultural festival 2 years ago had another friend who was looking for designers. I got offered a paid gig (not sure how much yet) to design scarves and hats. More details to come later. This would be my first paid gig job outside the usual get-go.

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