Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eye Obssession - Geo Circle Lenses

Recently, I mentioned in a previous post I started buying circle lenses.

Just a couple days ago I bought a pair of new ones. The Geo Ashwing circle lenses. Not exactly up to my standards in terms of the look. While the do make my eyes seem bigger they blend in with my dark eyes more then my Geo Nudy Brown's. Quite sad, I would think that the grey would make my eyes 'pop' essentially but instead they gave my eyes a blended look. Partially exotic but definitely not as stand-out as the Nudy Brown's despite having a black circle around the edge of the contact lenses.

Here is a brief picture of exactly what I am talking about:

Forgive me for the rather unflattering photos. Being a vaguely nocturnal creature, my source of light at 2AM in the morning is limited to fluorescents in my bathroom. The first picture would be that of my Nudy Browns and the second being that of the Ashwing.

The first was bought from Pacific Mall located at Kennedy/Steeles. At Kidult for $45 + $1 for a case. The second was at Dreambox for $42. My friend, actually somehow got them cheaper then I did at Adultkid for $40 + case. What the hell.

Either way, this won't be the last time I buy them. My next ones should be Nudy Green and Angel Violet. I will be getting my prescription done very soon so that I can stop experiencing halos and blurriness after I wear them. :)

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