Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo Shoot for Men’s Bird Skull Necklace

I recently helped my photographer friend the brilliant, Gabe Toth, with a photo shoot he was doing. We were friends when we worked together in the same company but we are closer now that we are heading in the same direction. The fashion industry. He has done photography for some time but now it is a full-time job. His work is so crisp, professional, and I can always pick out a sort of balance in his pictures. It is a little hard to explain - but it is a feeling, an aesthetic, a touch that is really just his own. Steamy topless photos are enclosed in the link below…

He is one of the few people in my life that believes in the entrepreneurial route and constantly prods me to keep in the spirit of my passions. For that, I am always thankful for. It’s nice to have someone who believes in you and is actually living the dream you also want of working for yourself. I love helping him out. One of the reasons is because I am genuinely curious about what fashion photography entails. I mostly hold things up, move things, adjust things, hold a fan, and all the other little things. But, every time I am there I gain an experience and usually a new friend in the industry.  I am hoping for this brand new 2012 year we hang out more and facilitate ideas and make beautiful pictures. His work is just so impeccable.

This has to be one of my most favourite photos from the shoot. The contrast with the jeans, the board I was ‘holding up’, the colors and the necklace just pop! The model, Edris Zal is gorgeous and has a body that some of my girl friends would just do bad things to get close to. :P He actually had a personality similar to that of my brother’s childhood friends so I was not zombie-fied by the muscles like some would. He will be going to Milan soon and is very friendly - I wish him the best in his travels and the industry. He’s the first model I have met in a professional photo shoot! I’d love to hear more of his work abroad in Milan and elsewhere.

To see more pictures please click here for Gabe Toth’s Blog

Photography - Gabe Toth
Model - Edris Zal
Make-up/Hair - Misty Fox
Bird Skull Necklace - Dandy Boy (under Quaintrella’s Men line)


rikit said...

out of all your necklaces i like this one the best! the cord + the skull is very complimentary together and is simple and tough. although you say this is your mens line, i think a lot of girls would be attracted to it. maybe some girls could model it as well and take some more close-ups photos as well?

Sonia said...

Oh, you mean out of all my bird skull necklaces or overall? I’m rebranding and making this my unisex line. It’s going to be called COVEN by Sonia Kang. I bought the domain http://www.covensk.com for it already and I need to work with more photo shoots before I launch officially.

To be honest, I’ve only had ONE girl buy this from me personally. For the stores - I am not sure. I don’t get to see the customers. It sells well - but I’m not sure which genders are buying it. I’ll definitely try to get more female pictures and close-ups. Thanks, Chu!