Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Devil Outfit Shot and new COVEN by Sonia Kang Updates!

Outfit: COVEN by Sonia Kang Braided Leather Hairband, XXI asymmetrical collar lace blazer, H&M tanktop, Danier leather studded belt, Le Chateau Short Velvet Pencil Skirt, H&M leg warmers, Aldo wedges, and COVEN by Sonia Kang bird skull clutch.

It is quite rare I ever consistently do outfit shots and this does sadden me a bit. But, it is a New Year’s Resolution of mine to try to take more outfit shots! I had actually just dyed my hair my synthetic red. I actually bought out the stock of this red at Pacific Mall when Palty (Japanese hair dye company) announced they were discontinuing it. So, that is the last of my synthetic red shade until I get another Japanese brand or find more of this color. So sad.

This outfit was for the first day opening of Underworld Awakening. I love nothing more then seeing women in catsuits in movies. Kate Beckinsale in PVC is no exception. I loved the movie and am so happy Michael and Selene have a child together. I hate how so many stereotypical fantasy-horror movie genres make vampires dead soulless sterile beings. Life would be so much more beautiful if they could have children with each other (or so the sappy romantic in me would like to think). Then again, there are probably a few sick vampires out there who would abuse this biological advantage. But, let’s not get into the technicalities. :) I definitely think the plot has been getting better as every movie is made in the Underworld series. I really wish I watched it in 3D now.

Another update with my COVEN by Sonia Kang line is that I have finally sewn chain on to the bird skull clutch. It looks amazing. So far, I have a waiting list of at least 5 orders (1 overseas) for the clutch and I have been recommended a couple boutiques to approach in Yorkville once I start production of it after all the testing and refining. Exciting news! I have also started a sample product that I made from scrap leather from the bird skull clutch. I braided the leather and made a really really cool studded headband (I’m wearing it in my outfit shot) which I want to sell very soon after I make a few more tweaks to it. What do you guys think about my new direction and re-branding?

Also, I feel like since re-branding COVEN by Sonia Kang I feel like I should add more black in my wardrobe. I spent two years removing it from my wardrobe and now I want to go back. The irony. 


Vita said...

Your outfit is really cute, I especially like the blazer and the clutch and headband you made. It would be cool if you made the headbands in different colors, because for people with really dark hair, the one you're wearing might blend in with the hair too much... At least I don't buy headbands that wouldn't be noticeable in my dark hair.

The chain on the bag is a nice touch, though I liked it before as well... Actually, I don't know if I like this version or the previous one more...

Miradell said...

I love your bird skull clutch. Please let me know when you're going to sell them! I really want to have one.

Kirsten said...

The clutch is gorgeous!