Monday, May 30, 2011

Quaintrella Etsy is Updated!

I listed things on my Etsy Shop. 90% of my Ofelia Ljuv May Collection is on there.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quaint tidbits for the enlarged soul

I am just a little upset I didn’t go to Anime North this year. If I had gotten a table - I would be there as it would make it financially feasible to attend. I had given my hotel room to a friend but I found out recently that they didn’t remove my credit card information from the file and now I have a hold on my freaking credit card for the hotel fee. Doubletree - I hate you.

Either way, moving is a top priority - and can you believe it?! I move in a week. A WEEK! I can’t wait - I have a penthouse level apartment that I will be deathly scared to peer out of due to a phobia with heights. Heights make the fireflies that live in my stomach whirl around and around and around. Or, so I would like to think. :)

I was inspired by a friend of mine, Chu, also a fellow Mori Girl. She had a table at AN last year and it was amazing. I wish I could have bought some things from her but I wasn’t physically there this time around. :( So sad. Her stuff has the aesthetic of what I would call ugly-cute. It’s very endearing - at first it was strange to me but then it grew on me like mould.

I was inspired by her to remember my previous plans (among many) to incorporate Pink House aesthetic of childishness into mature detailing. It’s hard to explain - but Pink House is one of the oldest labels in Japan for modern alternative clothing. It is said to be the root of Gothic & Lolita fashion before it became what it is today. But, Pink House is an expert at melding seemingly childish things into something wonderful and cute. Japanese housewives are their main clientele and we all know Japanese housewives are also huge lovers of Hello Kitty. So, there is something about cute and mature that somehow goes hand and hand in this scenario.

That aside. I made my first multiple sale and went crazy using that money to buy supplies. I bought 20 tiny handmade doilies, 18 handmade-and-vintage doilies in small and medium sizes, and 100 buttons made from wood in the shape of adorable animals like the ones I posted in my blog. I also got a Heartsy Membership and bought a voucher for 200 stamped wildlife tags. I’ve noticed that while my stamps are awesome the ink isn’t - it smudges. So, until I get more awesome ink I’ll be using these gorgeous tags for my items. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ofelia Ljuv - May Collection!

Hey everyone! May is just about to end which means I just about finished my May items for Ofelia Ljuv. This month’s items is inspired by Spring, my awesome Mother, and Heirlooms. I ordered a lot of vintage and handmade doilies and enjoyed working with them so much that I used 9 of them in a matter of 1 day or sewing. Which is an accomplishment as I generally hoard supplies for months. I have ordered a lot more doilies now and in different sizes. I also have have used up all my brooch-clip combinations which means I’ll have to order a massive amount in the next week.

Scroll down to see everything!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Busy! New jewelry: Mori Girl Pendant Necklaces and Bird Skull Jewelry

I have been immensely busy. A large quantity of my older Ofelia Ljuv Collection (the Mori Girl line) under Quaintrella is now available at Nathalie-Roze & Co.  boutique in Toronto's Leslieville. It was an exciting experience and Nathalie is really awesome and I found her to be one of the most wonderful boutique shopkeepers I have ever met since starting this whole consignment business after leaving my business partner. She gave me so much advice and support. I will be eternally grateful for that openness and inspirational stuff she told me. :) I wish there were more people like her - or at least I started out with her as my first consignment shop (though, technically - I did wholesale with her). And, I just found out I have known of her back in my high school days through her Frugal Fashionista columns in the newspapers. Small world. 

I have been contacted by another boutique. The funny thing is I actually talked to the boutique owner a few weeks back about my taxidermy jewelry and then she randomly found me on Etsy and was interested in my Mori Girl items. Since, I sold a significant quantity to Nathalie I began working on more. It was sweatshop-mode...I was able to make 9 pieces in one day. See below. That is the greatest input I have done in a day for these things. Usually I average around 3 a day if I can put my mind to it. But, seeing that people like my stuff and continuously tell me they have never seen anything like it - I feel pumped!

See my most recent work below. I began making bird skull rings. I personally HATE costume jewelry ring bases so I will only make them with sterling silver or gold. It ups the price by a lot but at the same time you will never have a green finger. :) I also ordered my brand label tags and more vintage doilies. I just need my business cards and then I should be good. :)

Tell me your thoughts and which pendant necklace is your favourite! I would't mind feedback.

9 Mori Girl Pendant Necklace pieces done in one day.
Began sterling silver base bird skull rings.

This is a necklace I will be selling to a boutique - TNK Vintage on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Products: Wood Pins + Necklaces, Taxidermy jewelry, and fiber-ceramic jewelry!

Today, was a bit of an unproductive day. Being a night owl (not by choice) usually means I get the most workta done in the dead hours of the night - I live in downtown Toronto which means that there are no sirens, crazy people yelling, or traffic to interrupt my thoughts at 2 AM - 5 AM in the mornings.

I mentioned in my previous post I worked on a lot of product for consignments. Here, are more pieces which are mostly going into consignments. Ransack the Universe carries most of the wooden pins and a unique wooden necklace! Don't be afraid to check out their rather awesome store!

Wooden pins - waterproofed with an matte acrylic glaze.

Sparrow skulls casted in plastic - these are the pieces I worked on with a taxidermist in the US for months. :)

More recent wooden pins. If I don't drop off the rest of these to Ransack the Universe then they will be going to ETSY by the end of this week. I have more wood-based jewelry on my new ETSY:

My newest piece to date. Bird skull rings. I have a huuuuge pet peeve regarding costume jewelry rings (necklaces are a-okay in my book). I hate how they always turn my fingers green. So, I decided to only use sterling silver ring bases. Unfortunately, they only come in size 6 and I have yet to find gold bases. :( Also, I used gold chains on all my necklaces which means there'll be a switch over to half of the stock to silver chains.

While these pieces aren't particularly reflective of all my latest fiber-based pendent necklaces. They represent a new foray into using ceramic beads and charms. I'm not sure if I should put these into consignment so I believe they will be on ETSY soon enough!

I'm the biggest supply hoarder - I always think there's a use for everything. You guys, have no ideas how happy I am to find a use for my ceramic bead charms!!! All my Mori Girl and fiber-based pieces are stuffed with the exterior cut-outs and left overs. No waste. I also recycle shoulder pads for forms. Sometimes, I like to think of Mori Girl fashion as earth-loving since there is such a close affinity to nature when I think about it.

Another project I am going to start is the dismantling of all my super-long upcycled and vintage fox tails. I have waited for the listings to expire on my Marionette Atelier ETSY so now the surgery can begin! They will be half in length and price! :) I know many people have asked me for shorter ones. Well, now - there will be shorter ones!

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Sleepless Nights of Preparation and New Handmade Items

Here's what stock preparations look like for my upcoming meeting with a local boutique tomorrow afternoon. :) Looks orderly doesn't it? It was tedious to label and organize but well worth it. :)

So far, it's been a busy few weeks. I've been soliciting local boutiques in an attempt to push my product locally. I managed to get my Mom's crochet goods into Propaganda - but, that backfired a little due to miscommunication. I'm a little saddened by this setback but I learned a lot from it while talking to those closest to me. I now know how to better handle myself in these situations of business. It's my first consignment so I won't beat myself up over it. I have a large line up - I am highly adaptable, skilled, and my tastes are so varied with many different influences. Good for me, that clientele can be just as diverse as my tastes. :)

Since my last post I have accomplished quite a lot. Ransack the Universe now carries some of my wooden pins, crochet cellphone and bag charms, and wooden necklaces.

If you are local or visiting Toronto I would highly recommend their really nifty and kitchy store at:

Ransack the Universe
1207 Bloor Street West (Lower Level)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the same time I am also in contact with the following boutiques, stores, and collectives:

- Nathalie-Roze & Co.
- Tomorrow Never Knows
- Freedom Clothing Collective
- The Drake General Store

I will be updating ETSY after I sort the stock relocation out. I have two applications to do for collectives, a art gallery proposal to submit, and a likely craft event to prepare for... I also have an interview for Apple this Friday. And, I also signed my lease over the weekend for my new place - I'll be living near Liberty Village and right by Queen West by June. :)

Below are new products by my Mom and I. Enjoy!