Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Products: Wood Pins + Necklaces, Taxidermy jewelry, and fiber-ceramic jewelry!

Today, was a bit of an unproductive day. Being a night owl (not by choice) usually means I get the most workta done in the dead hours of the night - I live in downtown Toronto which means that there are no sirens, crazy people yelling, or traffic to interrupt my thoughts at 2 AM - 5 AM in the mornings.

I mentioned in my previous post I worked on a lot of product for consignments. Here, are more pieces which are mostly going into consignments. Ransack the Universe carries most of the wooden pins and a unique wooden necklace! Don't be afraid to check out their rather awesome store!

Wooden pins - waterproofed with an matte acrylic glaze.

Sparrow skulls casted in plastic - these are the pieces I worked on with a taxidermist in the US for months. :)

More recent wooden pins. If I don't drop off the rest of these to Ransack the Universe then they will be going to ETSY by the end of this week. I have more wood-based jewelry on my new ETSY: http://TheQuaintrella.etsy.com

My newest piece to date. Bird skull rings. I have a huuuuge pet peeve regarding costume jewelry rings (necklaces are a-okay in my book). I hate how they always turn my fingers green. So, I decided to only use sterling silver ring bases. Unfortunately, they only come in size 6 and I have yet to find gold bases. :( Also, I used gold chains on all my necklaces which means there'll be a switch over to half of the stock to silver chains.

While these pieces aren't particularly reflective of all my latest fiber-based pendent necklaces. They represent a new foray into using ceramic beads and charms. I'm not sure if I should put these into consignment so I believe they will be on ETSY soon enough!

I'm the biggest supply hoarder - I always think there's a use for everything. You guys, have no ideas how happy I am to find a use for my ceramic bead charms!!! All my Mori Girl and fiber-based pieces are stuffed with the exterior cut-outs and left overs. No waste. I also recycle shoulder pads for forms. Sometimes, I like to think of Mori Girl fashion as earth-loving since there is such a close affinity to nature when I think about it.

Another project I am going to start is the dismantling of all my super-long upcycled and vintage fox tails. I have waited for the listings to expire on my Marionette Atelier ETSY so now the surgery can begin! They will be half in length and price! :) I know many people have asked me for shorter ones. Well, now - there will be shorter ones!

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