Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday So_Lolita Meet Up

It’s unfortunate that my Contest Post (don’t forget to check it out below!) is probably going to be swallowed by this post among others. But, since I had a very important Moderator Meet (this is the FIRST time all of the So_Lolita Mods were able to meet collectively this year) I chose to switch shifts and attend - but, I hadn’t the time to dress in Lolita so I went in my more primped up ‘Everyday Wear’. I’m the girl with the giant red headbow and pink tulle tutu. My bestfriend, Aya, hugs me. I really missed Meets. I was actually really ill from a 12 hour migraine after watching Sucker Punch the night before - but once I ate and popped some painkillers I was social and ready to socialize.

I have a really bad habit of freaking out and panicking before meets, never sleeping the night before, and showing up somewhat like a zombie - not quite social, not quite healthy, and not quite alive. Haha. But, this one was awesome. I met some old and new Lolitas. Plus, Aya recruited a model for my Lolita presentation on Tuesday. Impressive.

Have any of you been to any Lolita Meets recently? How were they?

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