Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Headpiece, AN Update, Wig + Circle Lenses, Consignment Opportunity

New Wig and Circle Lenses
Mossy Rock found on campus

Migrating Canada Geese Flock taken with iPhone 4

 It’s been a busy couple of weeks of ups and downs.

University is finally done - I hope I got the marks I wanted as I did work my ass off this term to make up for a rather lacking first term. At least I know I did my best and if anything doesn’t go planned then a new door will always open. 

I have been prepping for selling at Anime North since the beginning of this year - but since leaving Marionette Atelier I may have really screwed myself over. How? My former partner got a table. I bought the iPad 2 (waited for 6 hours in the cold), got tired, and slept through the deadline. Hahaha. I’ve paired up with a new friend who is near the top of the waiting list (while I sit at 41). But, I have doubts I’ll be selling this year. God, the irony. 

It’s disappointing. 

But, when a door closes another opens. A local boutique owner who’s store I was going to approach this week and I’ve had absolutely no contact with…actually emailed me via Facebook saying she’d be interested in my items. WHAT?! WHAAAAAAAT! This is so awesome. I’ve emailed her back - haven’t been able to sleep since because I am psyched. So, expect to Quaintrella items in Toronto boutiques soon. :3

Here are a few of my recent stuff. Still on the pendent necklaces but I’ve moved into headpieces:

Two new pieces. Headpiece and Pendent Necklace


Close-up of details

Mega close-up of details

Headpieces are literally a larger translation of my pendent necklaces. They were harder to layout then I had anticipated. I sat there for 2-3 hours figuring it all out. I loved the end result. What do you guys think?

At the same time, a lot of my supplies for AN preparations have come in after a month. Notably, my Mori Girl wig and my NEO Toric Extra Dali Gray Circle Lenses. Review to come the circle lenses in an upcoming post. But, they look pretty natural - the wig and lenses. I had to order specific ones for my astigmatism. I am so happy with them. Though, they do make me look a little bit more exotic with my normal hair. I actually looked mixed with Russian with my dyed normal hair due to my jawline? Not sure. More pictures to ensue. I’m so happy with them both. :D

With new wig, handmade headpiece, and toric cicle lenses.

With normal hair and modelling the pendent necklace for my Etsy. 


wigs said...

thanks really looks grate thanks for this information

somnia said...

these are so adorable! are you selling them?

Sonia said...

@somnia Thanks! Yes, I will be. I am currently working on the whole collection but they won't be cheap because everything fiber is hand sewn, One of A Kind, and quite literally pieces of art. :)