Friday, March 4, 2011

Handmade Mori Girl Accessories: Necklaces, Furs, and Headpiece!

Well, this is going t turn into a giant post where I dump everything into one photo post. Apologies in advance.

Life, has been slightly complicated lately. School consumes my life and I haven't been sleeping at sane times. I sleep at 4-5AM most days for an average of 4-6 hours and today I haven't even slept. Haha. I'm going to go crazy! My first term this year was so full of life drama piled on top of each other that my grades suffered badly. I've moved 3 times since. But, the great news is that my marks this term are mostly top of the class. My lowest mark so far has been a measly 76% on an assignment but I've been consistently topping my home Environmental Studies courses and I've been forcing myself to participate in discussions to fight for any marks. I just got back last terms exam and a recent midterm and I was sitting at 87% and 85%. My assignments are now mostly either the 75% +, 85% or 100%. My TA's are amazed... I'm not stupid. I procrastinate. But, my life is very complicated sometimes. Being a Leo I can't help but feel awesome about it all. Why? For someone who wasn't in class much it's so drastic and I really want to fan my own ego. The Environmental Studies course average consistently sits at 65-75% in my current year. If I am beating it- I can actually get scholarships and more grants. Something, that has never crossed my mind until now.

Anyways, on to my gorgeous photo dump of my handmade items! Some of which are on sale here: Livejournal Mori Girl Sales Community and anything not sold will be on Marionette Atelier Etsy in the coming week.

Fur Accessories


Anya said...

I love your stuff, it is absolutely adorable, I cannot wait to get some!

Judy Chung said...

I always enjoy looking at your handmade pieces, they really stand out from the rest because of the quality of materials and right balance of layered textures and material all in the right places without looking too cluttered/just plain messy. I hope you make some more head pieces in the future, I would snatch one up in a heartbeat!

Lindsay said...

I love the layering in the crocheted pieces! Very nice.

shaper said...

so perfect!:)

Sonia said...

@Anya Thank you, I just updated my ETSY if you are interested.

@Judy Chung - I will be making more headdresses in the coming days! I’m actually really surprised you noticed the way I actually do things. You have a really good eye. I’ve always been more of a person to pull balance out of chaos. That’s why I loved making these pieces so much. It takes hours to figure it out though. Usually 1-2 hours to THINK about where to place things and why I should place it there. Haha.

@Linday - Thank you!

@Shaper - Thanks!