Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anime North Preparations

I've created a lot more products for Mori Girl and Gothic Lolita.

Mostly earrings - I will be trying tierred pricing to hit up customers who may not be able to afford my more pricy items. No, pictures for now since I'm typing on iPad at the moment which can't upload pictures unless I buy the app. I've begun compiling the Lolita and Otome clothing materials I need to make OPs, JSKs, and Skirts for an upcoming convention in May. I will be heading a table separate from my business partner, Aya, because I have a lot more stock this year. At the same time I am working on a top secret project related to Anime North. I'll post tidbits on here but I don't want my competitors to know my little surprise. My skulls will take longer then usual to make since the taxidermist I ordered them from is working on some large scale projects. I hope I get them by the end of this month or early April. :/

I may also be helping out at an Anime North panel titled The Enchanted Forest: Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, and Natural Kei fashion. I need a date and time to confirm it before committing. I'll be helping out with information, modeling, and even giving away loot bags of my created products. I had a horrid experience last time with fashions show since some of my clothes got damaged and I never got recognition. But, I hope this time it'll be better. I still feel bitter about the whole thing and it's my fault I never told the organizers. I will, but in due time.

I also feel bad about Japan's situation. My next sales post for the communities will feature 10% of all proceeds of my items to selected charities helping Japan right now. I think Docotors without Borders would be my best bet. So far, made one sale and raised $5.

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