Saturday, January 30, 2010

To conquer and Jewelry Samples

I am craving these Steve Madden boots - $130 CDN. You will be mine in a few weeks!

I recently dropped out of the OHM Fashion Show I had planned on doing in March due to a drastic change in my financial situation at work. Sometimes, I really hate retail and so far, this is another reason to hate it more and attempt to get out of it. This whole situation has made me rather depressed. Especially, that now I will be barely making enough to survive.

However, I am thankful to have all this time to myself. To think things through, sew, and design. I am now finally going to update my Etsy Store and the brand blog my partner (Aya) and I have on Wordpress.

Here is a sneak peek of what jewelry samples I have designed for Marionette so far:

The first are the elaborate earrings made to match the iconic Moite Irongate dresses and skirts. The second beside them are actually my first attempt at a more elaborate style of earrings a very tame Gothic look edges with a hint of Classic. The third pair are a fairly Sweet Lolita or Gyaru. Very cute and girly. While the very last pair (below) are my Mori Girl earrings that bring up a more natural look of unbleached crocheted flowers (courtesy of my mom), with the focal point being the black bows I’ve sewn myself, and a touch nature with gold dangling leaves. Simple and beautiful. Already showed these to my friends and they are a hit.

What do you think?

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