Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Juliette et Justine

Okay, so if you guys don’t follow EGL on LJ you know me and other girls have attempted to get the Juliette et Justine 2010 LUCKY PACK last night. Long story and turmoil excluded: NO ONE OUTSIDE OF JAPAN GOT THE LUCKY PACK (unless they used a Shopping Service).

It got me all sad. I was really upset, the LP is the ONLY WAY I can get 4-6 pieces of clothing from Juliette et Justine without A) BEING BROKE and B) SPENDING OVER $1000 CDN.

The Lucky Pack was priced at $30000 yen which is around $340 CDN.

Anyways, after the whole ordeal they were kind enough to reply back to an email I sent them about customs prior to the LP date. They actually half-value markdowns on international packages! WOW. Never heard of many brands, especially small ones offering this. AND…I replied back and ranted about the LP situation OUTSIDE of Japan and they apologized, gave me alternatives + their Rakuten website which has the $30000 yen LP sold out but I can still get the 2009 Special Sets for $45000 yen and $50000 yen. Expensive. But, I got the second email when I had been napping so it may have been available when it was sent. What I also found out is that if anyone backed out I would be next in line for that LP. How sweet of them! They said they would email me if anyone backed out. :)

Considering I have never given them a single penny and they are Japanese, their customer service has been impeccable! I will definitely be ordering from them in the near future. I have never gotten such great customer service without buying anything from a Japanese brand. Baby has been nice but they are very curt and their English isn’t as great or thorough as JetJ’s.

I will be ordering from them when I get the funds and they get more chiffon pieces. Hopefully, nice Spring items! In pinks, pastels, indigo blues….

Anyways, earlier today I went on an angry rampage (prior to their second email) to buy myself some happiness. I had booked serger lessons and learned the basics to serging and rolling hems. I also ordered a Singer Dressform in Small from the very same place I ordered my Janome Serger that cost me around $226 after taxes. I also bought a gathering foot for my serger, some black sergering thread, wooly nylon, two printed chiffon fabrics, and a Fabricland membership. :) I officially start sewing tomorrow! YAY.

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