Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boots boots boots

My willpower for pretty things is close to zero.

I caved yesterday and bought the lovely Steve Madden thigh-hi (or is it over-the-knee?) boots for $130 before taxes. I simply couldn’t wait until Friday - which happens to also be payday. Perhaps, one of the very last paycheques where I will be able to afford something like this. But, in my opinion it was a necessary buy. I needed boots to stomp in especially after my Lovelyshoes.net boots broke on me within a month and a half. Never buying cheap again when it comes to shoes (unless they are flats). They simply don’t last. The older I get the more I realize the value of paying more for quality. Even with clothes…

I am not really a person who shapes my wardrobe around fast fashions. But, there are certain things I will buy without hesitation if I think I will wear it often and I will love it to death. Lately, Forever21 has had some nice items. For example, I bought this Chantilly lace skirt. I love the look of Chantilly lace and I liked the fact that it suited the more feminine side of me emerging from the depths of my…personality. Lately, I have been more drawn towards more classical, feminine, and natural designs.

I will adding these into my designs of the late. Will be finishing my Sew_loli SEAMSTRESS SWAP items today. Wish me luck, I still need to buy those Swarvoski crystals.

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