Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loving this.

So, finally got around to picture whoring my boots and newly bought XXI Chantilly lace skirt. This was totally worth the $130 + tax. While, they still do need some breaking into to get rid of stiffness, wearing them makes me feel so sleek and the fact the tops can fold down is a BONUS. Two looks in one. I am now tempted to get the dusky grey-brown ones because of this all. But, I recently visited Aldo (partially due to their Winter Sale on Boots) and noticed a pair of classic looking Western leather boots for $140 in tan brown that looked like prospective future buys.

I also attended a Lolita Meet-Up recently and this is what I wore. The Baby the Stars Shine Bright Circus Tutu skirt is from one of my bestfriend’s, Aya, who bought it for me for $190 USD as a present. Thanks, doll. I love it SOOOO much!

Recent forays into Fabricland yielded some interesting finds in their Spring fabric selection. The flower print was part of their new Spring selection. A fine, almost see-through sateen-like finished cotton voile. Beautiful, and with my membership $9/meter. Will get some once I get through more of my fabric stash. They for some reason remind me to Otome brand fabrics - I can see them used in a classical manner with a modern touch.

Speaking of otome fashions. I made a recent attempt a few days ago to make a dress that reminded me of Emily Temple Cute style dresses. That pink two, tiered embroidered hem dress is my creation. The pattern however, needs some excessive tweaking:

1. Lengthen bodice.
2. The pattern does not accommodate for lining - thus, I made a lot of mistakes. I need to re-think of how I do the lining (as it was my first time fully lining a dress).
3. The bodice may need more ruffling room - so increase width of bodice.
4. Don’t make a zipper for the dress anymore since I used elastic for the backing.
5. Attempt full-elastic waist (the 3rd dress after).

Then, Claire’s has also started selling their franchised line of Alice in Wonderland items. These are absolutely lovely! Teapot, saucer, and teacup necklaces. Key necklaces… Drink Me bottle necklaces. PURE LOVE. I would buy them if my Visa bill wasn’t edging on the border of real debt. Of this new collection. I bought the socks. They are actually AP-replicas (see above for pictures of the socks). For $9.75/ pair they are pretty good compared to brand socks. The only thing is that they are on the thin side.

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