Friday, May 14, 2010

Sickness, Stress, Strife, and Sewing.

I haven’t updated in a while. I apologize.

But, I have been really really sick. Nothing life threatening - but the sickest I’ve ever been in at least several years. So sick, that I had lost my sense of taste, smell, and some of my hearing for at least a couple of days. Totally freaked me out. Then, my hormones were playing games with me which coupled to a minor disaster of a nervous breakdown. I’ve actually coughed and blown out enough mucous to literally fill a tissue pile the size of those spring water jugs that sit in office watering machines. Gross. And, that was only less then a week. Man, I went down real hard.

That aside, I finally caved after discovering that the horrid feeling (since I could barely taste it but god - THE BURN was similar to downing vodka) Buckley’s I was taking for a couple of days wasn’t really effective - which possibly could have had it’s remediating properties blocked by the litres of tea I was consuming. I gave in and bought $14 Tylenol Cold Plus - Mucous Relief at Shopper’s. God, and fuck it worked. I FINALLY FEEL NORMAL AGAIN.

I don’t think I could go through the hell of being this sick again. NEVER have I ever felt so miserable at losing most of the 3 senses I have enjoyed using. To only taste texture for three days and smell nothing is just…heartbreaking. I always use my sense of smell. It tells me if something is going to rot, if my plants have fungal mould on their roots, if something will sprout from the potatoes I am going to boil, if the dog peed somewhere in the living room, if I had burnt something while cooking… I couldn’t even cook because I couldn’t smell or taste. Devastating! Not that I wanted to cook. But the thought of not being able to do it again. Eek.

I hope I can get over this ASAP. I haven’t been working because of it and I have work to go to in 12 hours time. Also, I have to work really really hard on my last minute sewing with Marionette’s upcoming selling gig at Anime North 2010. To be honest, the crowd isn’t what I like but there is an opportunity not to be missed. So far, I am 95% done all my jewelry sets. I just have to work on a few more dim sum series earrings (at leat 15 pairs of gyoza, 10 pairs of onigiri, and 10 banana brooches). I’ve created a new Blogspot for my own creations under Marionette. Titled Noir et Ofelia which will cover my own creations separate from partner, Aya’s stuff. I feel that I have more control over what I like to do with having a separate Blog. Wordpress is nice but Blogspot seems to have more versatility.

Lately, there have been some ugly truths revealed in my life. Things, that I haven’t known, noticed, or otherwise may have ignored. I am naive at heart and would like to hope that we can all be friends - but why is it that people have to be a certain way to other people and other ways to different people. Why do people have to back-stab? Back-talk? Gossip? Ignore? Favour? It’s just so complicated. But, I know one thing for sure - things like this tell me who my friends truly are. It’s nice to know that someone I’ve had since the beginning of time is still who I can always count on in times of need. I am so grateful for you. For your insight and truth. :) You know who you are.

I am working on skirts and such also. I’ve not finished one completely but this week will be all about pushing my limits and sewing like a madwoman. I won’t be focusing too much on OTT accessories. I’ll do simple ones…but, I know headdresses there is much too big of an overlap with other people. Jewelry, accessories, and some headpieces will be a must. Luckypacks? Those will be last minute. :) Since, I will be technically the only person sewing clothes this time around. But, I have ideas as to a under-garment Luckypack.

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