Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday So_Lolita Meet Up

It’s unfortunate that my Contest Post (don’t forget to check it out below!) is probably going to be swallowed by this post among others. But, since I had a very important Moderator Meet (this is the FIRST time all of the So_Lolita Mods were able to meet collectively this year) I chose to switch shifts and attend - but, I hadn’t the time to dress in Lolita so I went in my more primped up ‘Everyday Wear’. I’m the girl with the giant red headbow and pink tulle tutu. My bestfriend, Aya, hugs me. I really missed Meets. I was actually really ill from a 12 hour migraine after watching Sucker Punch the night before - but once I ate and popped some painkillers I was social and ready to socialize.

I have a really bad habit of freaking out and panicking before meets, never sleeping the night before, and showing up somewhat like a zombie - not quite social, not quite healthy, and not quite alive. Haha. But, this one was awesome. I met some old and new Lolitas. Plus, Aya recruited a model for my Lolita presentation on Tuesday. Impressive.

Have any of you been to any Lolita Meets recently? How were they?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Giveaway / LJ Community Contests

I’ve been contemplating a Giveaway for a while and since I’ve almost reached 40 readers I might as well act on my urges. However, being somewhat ambitious I also like to multitask – this post will include the Livejournal Polyvore / Coordinate Contests I will be holding at the same time. Feel free to link away and advertise it if you think you’d have friends interested. The more the merrier!

Quaintrella Blog Giveaway
I will be doing ONE Giveaway of my Bowtie Necklace on this Blog. Basically, this is the simplest one where all you have to do is be a Follower of my Blog and comment on the post (be sure to include your email address if possible so I may contact you if you win). Once that’s done on April 8th, 2011 I will add all the entries into a online randomizer to pick out a winner. J Enter only once, please. Thank you.

Local So_lolita Livejournal Community Polyvore / Coordinate Contest
This one is for the local Lolitas only. You have to be in Ontario and part of the So_Lolita LJ Community. This is for the Gothic Birdcage Dangle Earrings AND/OR Bowtie Birdcage Necklace. Both are new designs for my line and you can enter for one or both (2 entries each maximum). Basically, use my accessories into a Polyvore Coordinate or Real Life Coordinate. Show me how you would wear it and a vote will be done by the members of the community based on your skills. Feel free to enter my other contests too! I will cover shipping charges for the items if you cannot meet me locally. Deadline: April 15th, 2011.

International Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, Natural Kei,and Possibly Classic Lolita Polyvore / Coordinate Contest
This one is an International Contest for one of my One-Of-A-Kind textile art necklaces inspired by a very particular Mori Girl brand, Rosey Aphrodina. The Tea Rosette Necklace will never be replicated and has been made with great attention to detail and love. You may only enter this contest ONCE with a coordinates (in the style of your choice). Basically, show how you would wear this piece with your current existing wardrobe or your dream coordinate (with Polyvore) and POST them HERE. There will be two voting sessions which will first accommodate for the communities involved and then the top voted entries will be re-voted on by all communities involved. Make sure to label the genre of style you will be coordinating for. I will pay for shipping charges if the winner isn’t local. NOTE: The base portion of this necklace is made of wool – please be aware of this if you are allergic. Deadline: April 15th, 2011. (Check the Morigirls and Dolly_Kei LJ Communities for Information in a day or two when I have better pictures up).

Thanks for reading. Happy winning and coordinating! :)

PS - Sorry, for the shit pictures. It’s 4 AM and I’m a vampire who can’t wait for sunshine at the moment. I’ll retake them ASAP when I have the light and energy. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

iPad 2: Successfully Obtaining It

If there anything I find more gratifying then making things, shopping, fashion, the environment and stuffing my fatty face with good food it’s…drumroll…Apple Products. I’m a hardcore fangirl due to the significant other and close friends having a serious effect on my consumerist habits.

Well, I spent March 25th lined up in cold Canadian weather for 6 hours in front of Bestbuy to obtain it. I seriously thought I was a giant fool because I didn’t dress warmly enough, I already have a bad cold, I went out of my budget, I was stressed, I brought two bags of crafting supplies because I thought they were going to line us up inside…everything just about almost went above my head.

But, after hours of shivering like an idiot I got it.

It was like a little piece of heaven. I was giggling like an idiot who found a perfectly rounded poo on a stick and admiring it’s impossible symmetry. I’m not sure where that example comes from but I hope it conveys my happiness.

It was quite a pretty penny as I went for the 32GB White Wifi iPad. But, well worth it since I am a technological hoarder (I never delete much off my laptop, iPhone, or anything else for that matter). 

Here’s me looking derpy and super happy. I look like a mess after being so tired, cold, and exhausted after the whole thing. So happy! 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Quaintrella Launch!

So, it’s official. The Quaintrella’s social media platforms are now up! As promised, the woodcut earrings are also up for sale. Please, check them out. :)


Facebook Fanpage


Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Sample Products: Earrings

Lately, I’ve been finding myself drawn to the intricate designs of laser-cut wood. While, a little more fragile then I like (I take a long time looking over the stuff before purchasing) they are very light and beautiful. I’m one of those girls who gets headaches when I wear really heavy earrings but with these sorts of earrings they are painless. :) These should be up on Etsy soon. By the way, 10% of all my sale proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders for the Japanese Earthquake Relief.

I have actually left Marionette Atelier so I will be making a new shop soon. Which I will link here. I’ll wait till my listings expire before doing so officially. I may be having second thoughts about the whole thing but in some aspect my partner and I have such different business ethics that they clash. Plus, I’m on a whole different scale of art then she is. I’m all about progress and she’s all about whim. We fought like crazy but both came to the realization we are best as friends right now. We still plan on opening a boutique together in the future and I have best hopes she’ll up her creational ability to my level. At least a a boutique she can re-sell all she wants. I can create all I want.

I think the new store will be called The Quaintrella. It’ll encompass all the styles I like: Gothic, Lolita, Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, Otome, Retro, Vintage…etc. I’ve already begun on my Otome collection. Just waiting for my supplies to arrive from abroad. I love the colors of Fairy Kei but the juvenile look really isn’t for me. So, I love the Otome style of Baby Ribbon and I’m inspired by the modernity and femininity that Otome style has.

Have any of you go through a partnership gone awry? Did you let it affect your friendship?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anime North Preparations

I've created a lot more products for Mori Girl and Gothic Lolita.

Mostly earrings - I will be trying tierred pricing to hit up customers who may not be able to afford my more pricy items. No, pictures for now since I'm typing on iPad at the moment which can't upload pictures unless I buy the app. I've begun compiling the Lolita and Otome clothing materials I need to make OPs, JSKs, and Skirts for an upcoming convention in May. I will be heading a table separate from my business partner, Aya, because I have a lot more stock this year. At the same time I am working on a top secret project related to Anime North. I'll post tidbits on here but I don't want my competitors to know my little surprise. My skulls will take longer then usual to make since the taxidermist I ordered them from is working on some large scale projects. I hope I get them by the end of this month or early April. :/

I may also be helping out at an Anime North panel titled The Enchanted Forest: Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, and Natural Kei fashion. I need a date and time to confirm it before committing. I'll be helping out with information, modeling, and even giving away loot bags of my created products. I had a horrid experience last time with fashions show since some of my clothes got damaged and I never got recognition. But, I hope this time it'll be better. I still feel bitter about the whole thing and it's my fault I never told the organizers. I will, but in due time.

I also feel bad about Japan's situation. My next sales post for the communities will feature 10% of all proceeds of my items to selected charities helping Japan right now. I think Docotors without Borders would be my best bet. So far, made one sale and raised $5.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marionette Atelier Etsy Updated

Well, the Ofelia Ljuv collection under my brand, Marionette Atelier has finally been updated. Check it out and support my work. :) I’m moving on to other genres very soon. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Handmade Mori Girl Accessories: Necklaces, Furs, and Headpiece!

Well, this is going t turn into a giant post where I dump everything into one photo post. Apologies in advance.

Life, has been slightly complicated lately. School consumes my life and I haven't been sleeping at sane times. I sleep at 4-5AM most days for an average of 4-6 hours and today I haven't even slept. Haha. I'm going to go crazy! My first term this year was so full of life drama piled on top of each other that my grades suffered badly. I've moved 3 times since. But, the great news is that my marks this term are mostly top of the class. My lowest mark so far has been a measly 76% on an assignment but I've been consistently topping my home Environmental Studies courses and I've been forcing myself to participate in discussions to fight for any marks. I just got back last terms exam and a recent midterm and I was sitting at 87% and 85%. My assignments are now mostly either the 75% +, 85% or 100%. My TA's are amazed... I'm not stupid. I procrastinate. But, my life is very complicated sometimes. Being a Leo I can't help but feel awesome about it all. Why? For someone who wasn't in class much it's so drastic and I really want to fan my own ego. The Environmental Studies course average consistently sits at 65-75% in my current year. If I am beating it- I can actually get scholarships and more grants. Something, that has never crossed my mind until now.

Anyways, on to my gorgeous photo dump of my handmade items! Some of which are on sale here: Livejournal Mori Girl Sales Community and anything not sold will be on Marionette Atelier Etsy in the coming week.

Fur Accessories