Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dolly-Kei Coordinate

This is perhaps my first ever formal Dolly-Kei coordinate. It was my friend, Emily’s birthday. I had a night out with some close friends and Lolita friends. Awesome times. A shout out to Emily - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ENJOY YOUR GIFTS.

As for my coordinates. Any thoughts or criticisms would be appreciated.

Photographer: Aya (My business partner)
Location: Osgoode Law Hall - Toronto
Hat: Kensington Market - $10
Hair Roses: Claires - $5
Shawl: Gift from significant other
Blouse: Sirens - $5
Wristcuffs: Noirette - My brand and handmade
Bangles: Vintage from Goodwill via Mom - $1
Belt: Urban Planet - $8
Skirt: Ofelia Ljuv - My brand and handmade
Bowtie Stockings: XX1 - $8
Over-the-knee boots: Steve Madden - $140
Unseen Bag: Goodwill Pound - $1

Funny how the most expensive thing on me is my gorgeous Steve Madden boots.

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