Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bought more clothes!

You know, the only way to really control my shopping habits is to shop by NEED and WANTS. Judging by both, I’ll map out a rather large shopping list and then start doing some research.

Right now, I’m shopping for Summer-Autumn-maybe-some-Winter.

I already know for a fact that my Autumn and Winter wardrobe has been severely lacking the past couple of years. I have, who knows 3 long-sleeved shirts? I’ve been mostly relying on hoodies and cardigans to get me by. But, I can’t help but feel hoodies have become like my hobo-back-up. While my cardigans are being worn to death. So, I just bought some shirts off the EGL_Comm_Sales:

Both are rarely cute. Not going for anything too crazy during Winter - I have been known to give up on looks sometimes in favour of simply just dressing for warmth.

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