Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anime North and the Aftermath (iPad)...

Before I went off to Anime North I had conned my sister into pretending to be me so that she could buy the iPad for my significant other for his Birthday (far far away in October). It worked, we got the iPad and this is me holding the glorious piece of technology:

I look grimy in that picture. But, I had just arrived home with two freaking huge pieces of luggage. Left the rest at my ‘rents condo.

Anime North was…let me keep it short. Beyond stressful. There were times I wanted to break down crying. I was at such a shit location in the Crafters Corner. But, in the end it seemed worthwhile enough to pursue the whole venture again next year. My mom’s amigurumi was really pretty and sold quite well. Competition was furious. And, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE MORI GIRL TABLE BEHIND US. So, in love that I dream of gnome wristlets every night. I want to make one but at the same time I want to support them. BWHA.

I’ll be spending the next few days updating everything from the Marionette Wordpress, my own Noir et Ofelia design Blogspot, the Facebook fan page, and getting together with my counterpart, Aya to get things sorted out. My mom and I will also be working on her Etsy, Mommigurumi and some new designs for Ofelia Ljuv. I’ve decided that purely amigurumi while anything that I specifically request will go to me - acorns, strawberries, and such for fashion are mines.

I’ll make a picture post soon. I didn’t bring my camera from my hotel room to take any pictures. My friend, Emily, has all of them.

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