Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giant Posting: The past 3-4 months!

I have been MIA for a little while due to some personal and family issues. The most recent one happened the beginning of this week. I missed a week of school in an attempt to resolve it. Hopefully, things turn out for the better. :)

I have been pretty busy the past few months.

FanExpo Lolita: I took part in a friend's Lolita presentation and fashion show. I lent a lot of items and while it didn't turn out as I had thought it would be (measurement bloopers with people I was lending the items to) it was still an experience. Here are a few pictures and videos of it:

Got our pictures taken with a group of Storm Troopers.
Participants of the Lolita Fashion Show

A selca of Aya and I using my iPhone 4 and an additional complete outfit shot of our Hime Lolita coordinates. I look very tired because I had absolutely no sleep the day before. It's usually like this when I attend a local Lolita Meet and it's even worst when I set one up. I haven't hosted one by myself in over a year because of just how emotionally and physically draining it is. 

Lolita High Tea Meet: My bestfriend, Aya, set this one up at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Definitely, an experience that was unexpected. High tea is very fancy but I found most of the food to be overly sugary for my tastes. Next time, Aya and a few friends of mine will be going to a fancy Yorkville one with macaroons. Here are a few pictures of my outfit and hers:

Interesting angled photo from Aya's photographer friend, Shin.
Aya's gorgeous coordinate. The first time she's attempted Classic Lolita. 

Beautiful chandelier above our table. 

Creations: The past few months I have been having an on-and-off relationship with my creativity. It prompted these creations to be made.

Gyaru fur puff.
Hot pink Gyaru fur puff.

Weekly Outfit Shots since September: If I feel up for it I usually try to dress my best at least ONCE a week to feel as if buying all the (expensive) clothes that I buy is somehow justified. Here are a few that I managed to take photos of.

Danier leather jacket, H&M schoolgirl blouse, Bttsb Circus Tutu skirt that (gift from Aya), and Aldo boots (gift from SO). 
Aldo headband, H&M ruffle vest, Anthropologie dress, UP belt,  Aldo tights, and Zara boots.
Handmade headpiece, Pmall lace dress, XXI belt, and Aldo boots (gift from SO).
Handmade headpiece, H&M cardigan, Jane Marple tartan gown, UP belt, and Aldo boots.
XXI earrings, Zara dress, H&M leggings, and Aldo boots.
XXI wool hat, offbrand turtleneck, handmade necklace, offbrand skirt, Aldo belt, H&M leggings, and Aldo flats.

NUIT BLANCHE: I actually was helping out a friend I met as a customer from work with his fashion show for the Nuit Blanche / The Art of Fashion event. I didn't take many pictures because for some reason one of his models bailed and...well...I got drafted to model one of his creations. It was fun and I loved helping him! Mark Aguliar, you are pure win. Hope we collaborate again someday. 

An interesting creation. But, the hem is uneven. By another designer. 
Could be a wedding dress. By another designer.

Selca of Aya and I at Nuit Blanche after the fashion show. 

 My outfit for Nuit Blanche. I was going with the Belle Epoch theme that The Art of Fashion event had going on...and there's a screenshot of the outfit I modelled for Mark Aguliar. His 'clown' costume. Had me all worried. But, it's actually reminiscent of those French porcelain dolls I had as a child.

SHOPPING / GIFTS HAUL: I make no mistake when I call myself a shopaholic. I love it and it's a bit of an addiction. Here's what I've managed to buy and photograph for the past...3-4 months.

A strange fabric I bought from work that I still have absolutely no idea what to do with and Aldo bow bag and bow flats as a belated B-day present from my little sister. 

Beautiful over-the-knee socks from Legs Beautiful in Yorkville. What can I say? I like my hose.
Anthropologie cardigan that reminds me of one of my favourite Japanese brands, Juliette et Justine and tights!

Giant MOKUBA haul. They had a sale recently and I spent $126 on over 70 metres of trims. Collectively, I've spent a little over $300 on trims there in the past 3 weeks. :'( But, you'll see why I did that.

A Gunne Sax muslin dress that I found at an Ossington/Queen vintage store and a beautiful $180 dress that my SO bought for me as an early Xmas present. :)

Crochet gnome houses my mom made for me a few months ago.

iPhone 4 - Facetime! I recently moved away and I don't get to see my dog or his owner much. But since we both have iPhone 4's I have been able to see Cookie daily. Including him in training sessions with food on his face! :)

Aya's Marionette creations for Happi Kiss her Gyaru line: We both love fur even though we previously didn't and I am glad to see her able to work with upcycled fur tails with me modelling them.

HALLOWEEN: My small group of girlfriends decided to go with a theme this Halloween. French Maids. Yes, I wore this to work and my whole department dressed up! Then, after work I had a dinner party at my sister's place in which we all cooked dinner together. :) Best Halloween ever, guys!

The Dinner.
My co-worker, P. and I.
Co-workers: P., M., me, and J.
 The Kapok Shop and Marionette (my lines: Ofelia Ljuv and Noirette) pictures: My mom does crocheting and here are her most recent creations compiled with older ones. While my own creations vary (I hate crocheting) and I've been quite productive of the late. I hope to post everything on Etsy very soon. I had planned to do it a week ago but my computer had erased a piece of itself while my SO was restoring it. I always use MOKUBA trims. Nothing but the highest quality for my products.

Cult of Kawaii!

Gnome Houses + Bags, Hybrid Pigs, Cactus, and Mushrooms!

                      Mori Girl headpiece and Russian Nesting Doll necklace! 

 Mori Girl Flower Headpiece with Narural-Kei earrings made from burnt chiffon.

Burnt chiffon necklace inspired by a paper rose necklace I saw at Anthropologie for $48 CDN.

 Dolly-Kei fur puff and Moite-inspired colored Gothic fur puff made from upcycled rabbit fur.

 Gyaru, Dolly-Kei, and Mori Girl styled fur puffs and tails.

 My latest creations. I revamped the first picture and the puff was inspired by Minnie Mouse.

Mori Girl inspired bag dangles. Hanging position.
Laying down on my bedsheets. Beautiful, no?
The leftover furs that I need to work with. Sorry for the blurry pictures. 

Finally, my most recent outfit: I had been meaning to do a Lolita closet purge and this skirt was one of the things I had been considering. But, now that I am able to coordinate it in Dolly-Kei style. I've decided to keep it.

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