Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday - buys!

I am not American. However, this whole Black Friday thing has really caught on the past few years in Canada.

I am not immune to this whole consumerism culture nor illusionary wealth of Black Friday. I've been shopping for cameras for myself for the past couple of months but I've been indecisive as to what to get. Saw a really cheap one by Olympus for $199 in the Basic Point and Shoot section of Bestbuy. It's simple but the display wasn't working so that definitely didn't help me. I think I need more experience with cameras before throwing myself at the micro 4/3rd prosumer camera. Already, looking at all the buttons on Canon prosumer cameras makes me a little confused.

So, I decided to buy what I know I am most familiar with. Clothes.

Clothes, are simply a girl's best friend aside from make-up. They change the way a girl can feel, look, and the way she carries herself. There's an association with clothes that might seem superficial but at the same's natural. I love clothes. I love the textures, the fabric, the look, the feel...

I ended up buying the following from

Originally $61.99  NOW $20
Orginally $54.99 NOW $15

Orginally $36.99 NOW $10

Orginally $37.99 NOW $10

Orginally $34.99 NOW $10

Orginally $9.99 NOW $2
Shipping was $7 (the most economical method)... Quite frankly, I went through all the materials of the stuff I bought and for linen blends, ramie (nettle fabric), cotton, and rayon I thought the price was justified and if anything worth the price. Normally, natural fabrics like ramie would be a lot more expensive. A lot of these would also be perfect for Mori Girl, Natural-Kei, and Dolly-Kei. :)

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