Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After Snow Day thoughts (heavy subject matters)...

Yesterday was a Snow Day for me.

My University declared it a state of emergency and shut down and all that snow on the ground is making it hard to get back home safely. Or on time. I guess, this isn’t really a relevant post regarding creations, fashion, or shopping. But, I’ve come to this interesting conclusion about my program of study which is Environmental Studies.

It’s one of those programs that’s really all encompassing. I will admit, I am better suited for the Arts and Fashion (got in but parents refused to pay for my tuition so I went into this instead) but Environmental Studies has a this way of connecting everything and everyone. How, all these problems can be fixed if we worked together and saw the bigger picture. It’s inspiring and this year it seems like I have some of the most intelligent and action oriented classmates. Things, somehow clicked a few days ago and it’s been like I’ve had a fever that broke. I understand now. I feel inspired.

At the same time. It’s fucking depressing sometimes. I’m focusing on the Management stream and it touches upon a lot of politics. I hate politics. I have friends who are going to be politics. I really hope that their education isn’t preparing them to be liars. I’m really fucking sick of watching people being elected to their fucking titles in the Canadian Parliamentary Cabinet positions of say…the Minister of Environment and…

A: Not giving a shit.
B: Not having a goddamn Science background.
C: Using the position as a means of obtaining a cushy pension.
D: Having a 2-4 year term and never accomplishing shit.

This thing makes me angry beyond belief. Here we are, living in a mired world where climate change is really effecting us and the goddamn government refuses to acknowledge it. We wait for the fucking US to set the laws before we follow suit. Pisses me off.

Beyond this anger. I feel this need. This drive. To be part of the bigger picture. I’m declaring my degree of concentration this year. I’ll be Majoring in Environmental Studies - Management and Minoring in Biology. I think I’ll pursue a Masters and focus on Mycology (study of mushrooms) then stream into Mycoremediation. I’m okay at Science. I’ll have to improve a lot. I’m actually much better at understanding then the concepts and theories then doing the quantitative portions.

I just hope that I can make a difference in the future.

Oh, and own a mushroom farm along the way.

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