Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back from the Dead

I have been really ill recently.

Had to undergo a few surgical procedures that really made me depressed. I shopped like no tomorrow as soon as I was able to walk, prepped for school, and my significant other bought me the iPhone 4. I may be getting an iPad from him very soon, too. :) Our 3 Year Anniversery is is tomorrow. :D

But, I am back in action now. I went to two Lolita Meet-Ups at my local community in a month which is usually rare since they are rarely planned so closely together. One was hosted by one of my bestfriend’s and business partner, Aya. We had High Tea at the Windsor Arm’s Hotel. She brought a friend, Shin. She had met at the U of T Go Club who is a photographer from Singapore (vacationing). He took literally hundreds of pictures of the group but he wasn’t going to be done editing until he went back to Singapore. Surprisingly, Yorkvillers loved our fashion and not ONE Lolita who came was in Sweet Lolita. All of us went in Classic Lolita or Gothic Lolita.

The other was hosted by Lona at Pacific Mall. But, I was still too drugged up to be really functional. It was fun nonetheless. We later met up with my childhood friend, Em, and took some professional photos. (Blogger is being a biatch right now so no photos).

Went to FanExpo to help out at a Lolita Fashion Panel for my friend, Nadine. She’s a video blogger on Youtube. I lent several outfits and also participated in the runway walk much to my shame. I actually wanted to run…a little freaked out with all the stares of so many eyes. Market researched with Aya at FanExpo and decided that it wasn’t really worth pursuing unless the management really stopped overcrowding the convention. It was so packed I couldn’t breathe.

I created a few things worth picture blogging about. But, not today. Aya and I got back into the Bazaar of the Bizarre Autumn Edition. I will once again be selling my things and my mom’s lovely Amigurumi. :) I’ll update soon with pictures, reviews, and tutorials.

School starts up for me next Monday, too! I am in the JP 2700 Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society class which is strangely twice a week. I’ll be dolled up twice a week, then! ;)

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